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The University of Guelph Alumni Association (UGAA) Rock Wall is open to climbers of all abilities. If you've never climbed before or if you've been climbing for years, there is something for you.

Membership Fees and Information


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  1. Q: Do I need to know how to belay (or how to climb in general) in order to be a member? A: NOPE! We offer free training and testing in belay skills 
  2. Q: Can I boulder (as opposed to rope-based route climbing)? A: YES! We just finished phase II of construction on the club, and we have a brand new boulder cave, which has been filled with a fresh crop of boulder problems for your enjoyment!

Rock Wall Policies and Protocols

We have created a set of safety protocols that are in accordance with the University of Guelph COVID-19 task force and the province of Ontario. These policies conform to other climbing gym policies and procedures located in the surrounding area.    

Any disagreements with these policies can be directed to the Active Kids Coordinator, as our Climbing Wall Monitors do not have the ability to make exceptions to these policies. Changes in any policies will be informed to all climbing members through email. 

We do have Climbing Wall Monitors that can assist you with belaying on top rope or teach you to belay at specific timeslots. You must pass the belay test before climbing top rope with a belayer. 

 Booking Times to climb at the Gryphons Indoor Climbing Wall 

  • You must prebook your climbing time here
  • Please wait outside the glass wall until the rock wall monitors informs you that you can enter. 
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your timeslot, we will offer it to other climbers that may be waiting. 
  • A climber may “show up” to the wall, but they will need to wait until a spot has opened at the climbing wall before they can enter.  They will only have the time that is remaining on the 75-90 minute booking time slot.   
  • We encourage to pre-book to ensure you are not disappointed. 

Indoor Climbing Wall Protocols 

  • Before entering the Guelph Gryphon Athletics Centre (where the indoor climbing wall is located), you must complete the online COVID-19 Screening.  This must be completed prior to every time you come to the facility. 
  • All climbers are required to provide proof of vaccination status as this is a requirement from the University of Guelph (only University of Guelph students, staff and faculty may participate on the climbing wall). 
  • Climbers are required to always wear a mask throughout the facility including on-wall or during physical exercise.  Please feel free to remove your mask safely (distanced from others) to have a drink of water or catch your breath.   
  • Try not to touch your face when climbing or without sanitizing/cleaning first.  Also practice proper respiratory etiquette. 
  • Sanitize your hands when entering and leaving the indoor climbing wall location. 
  • Sanitize between climbs, if possible.  We encourage sanitizing between climbs as we cannot sanitize the rope and the rock holds. 
  • Please physical distance as much as possible (2m distance).  No congregating or sitting down in groups.  
  • Loose chalk will not be used for the Fall term. This will help to keep the air clean as much as possible. Please use liquid chalk.  We will have some available. 
  • When climbing top rope, you must have at least one climbing route between yourself and any other climbers on the wall. 
  • Bouldering must be respectful of the distance between each other and not getting close to each other. 
  • We do have climbing shoes and harnesses available to use during your climbing time.  We will clean these between uses and quarantine equipment after usage. 
  • Please come dressed to climb. There are no changerooms at the climbing wall. You will need to change in the Athletics Centre Changerooms. 

All visitors over the age of 12 must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to access the University of Guelph campus. Visitors should attest to their vaccination status through the U of G's COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool. Visitors with a medical exemption must have a negative antigen test result from within the last 72 hours before coming to our spaces.  Gryphon Athletics Centre Screening & Vaccination Policies >

Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre

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