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Women's Football

McMaster Championship Tournament

Offensive player Carly Zylak (wide receiver) playing against Wilfred Laurier University at the McMaster University Championship Tournament March 2022.

Carly Zylak (wide receiver) pl...

Offensive player Carly Zylak (wide receiver) playing against Wilfred Laurier University at the McMaster University Championship Tournament March 2022.

Mia Pincivero (defensive corne...

Defensive player Mia Pincivero (defensive corner) obtaining a flag against McMaster University at the University of Waterloo Tournament March 2022.

Team pump-up

Photo of team pump-up before regular season game at University of Waterloo March 2022.

McMaster Championship Tourname...

Team photo at McMaster Championship Tournament March 2022

Carly Zylak (wide receiver) pl...
Mia Pincivero (defensive corne...
Team pump-up
McMaster Championship Tourname...


The Women’s football club is a competitive, contact-flag football team that competes in two seasons during the school year. The Waterloo Women’s Football League (WWFL) consists of 7v7 flag football tournaments in September and October, and the Ontario Women’s Intercollegiate Football Association (OWIFA) consists of 11v11 contact-flag tournaments from January to March. Women’s contact flag-football is played as full contact on the offensive and defensive lines while receivers and quarterbacks wear flags. Participation in OWIFA games and tournaments are restricted to current UoG students who are eligible for the women’s division, however male, and non-student club members are welcomed and encouraged to attend practices in a supporting role (I.e., a coach, trainer, etc.) The Women’s football team offers the opportunity for female athletes to participate in a typically male-dominated sport at an intercollegiate level. All skill levels are welcome to play!


Our Executive Team 

  • President: Jean Kheng
  • VP Internal: Malone Buckler
  • VP External: Carly Zylak
  • VP Advocacy: Jess Meza
  • Financial Officer: Jade Langley
  • Outreach Coordinator: Matisse Gurdulic
  • Events Coordinator: Mary Russo

Coaching Staff

  • Head Coach: Jake Bennett
  • Offensive Coordinator: Moz Lucas
  • Defensive Coordinator: Devyn Cromwell
  • Defensive Coordinator: Brandon Ferigo



  • Base registration is $20/player. This goes towards club fees, and the cost to attend tournaments **however this is subject to change when more information about 2022-2023 season becomes known.
    Jerseys and merch costs are approximately $60/player.

*All club memberships require a prerequisite Athletics Recreation Membership.  Currently enrolled, on-campus students already have this prerequisite membership during the Fall and Winter semesters.  For all other community participants and students attending classes in the summer months, a monthly Recreation Membership is required before enrolling into a club*  

Practice time/tryouts


  • Tryouts will take place in September of the Fall 2022 semester.


  • Practice schedule consists of typically 4 practices/week including one mandatory 7am session.
  • Practice times are subject to change with player availability; thus, a poll is sent out to the roster at the beginning of each season to determine the most accommodating weekly practice schedule.
  • There is the expectation that players adjust their schedules to make practices with the exception of class and emergencies.

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