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University of Guelph - Fitness & Recreation


Looking for information about how COVID-19 is affecting fitness & recreation?

Please help us in following all protocols:

  • Complete the University of Guelph screening form before you come to campus.
    • Every day, take the time to think seriously about how you are feeling and your possible exposure to Covid-19 and do not come to campus if your screening says to stay home.
    • Please bring your phone in with you as you will be required to show the "green check mark" as our new active screening protocols.
  • Pre-booking/reserving time slots is NO LONGER required, other than for Rec Swims & Squash Court Reservations.
  • Follow the instructions of all staff.
  • Always wear a face mask, except while exercising. Bandanas and scarves are not acceptable face coverings. 

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The Department of Athletics welcomes everyone

We affirm and celebrate the breadth of our racialized, ethno-cultural, sexual, gender, physical, ability and disability identities and promote equitable, safe and welcoming access to our facilities, events, programs and services.

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