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Dragon Boat

Last Updated: September 24th, 2020


Dragon boat is an invigorating rapidly growing sport where a crew of 22 (20 paddlers, 1 steersperson and 1 drummer) race alongside other teams in dragon boats.

The University of Guelph Dragon Boat Club is a place for athletes ranging from beginner to expert paddlers to take part in this fun and exciting sport. We have opportunities for both high-caliber, committed athletes and those who just want to have fun to compete. Practices are held weekly to prep for races against other universities and teams in the summer (May - August). We have been Nationally ranked (gold and silver at Nationals) and want to get back on the podium. But don’t let that scare you, come out meet the team and try something new, or not so new, and de-stress a bit from hectic uni-life. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, engineer or aggie, everyone is welcome.

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Our Exec Team

President: Sophia Hou
VP External: Jade Gracey
VP Fundraising: Vijayant Mehra
Head Coach: Katrina Kraemer
Water Coaches: Audra Nicholson and Stephanie Kazuika
Dryland Coaches: Jess Stiles, Nick Stasiak and Jeremy Vandenhazel


Club fees can be paid at Client Services in the AC or online via the links below.

*All clubs memberships require a prerequisite base athletics membership.  Currently enrolled, on-campus students already have this prerequisite membership during the Fall and Winter semesters.  For all other community participants and students attending classes in the summer months, a monthly base membership is required for purchase before enrolling in a club*  

Practice Time

Fall 2019

  • Dry Land practices:
    Tuesdays 7:30-8:30AM AC302
    Thursdays 7:30-8:30PM AC300
  • Pool practice:
    Wednesdays 8:30-9:30PM Gold Pool
  • P-ERG practice:
    The UGDBC Paddle-Ergometer (P-ERG) will be integrated into a few Dry Land practices throughout the semester.
    However, members are also permitted to practice with the ERG on their own time off-campus. 

*Practice schedule subject to change with Covid updates. 
Winter and Summer Schedule TBD due to Covid-19

Competing with UGDBC

Our typical competition season involves participation in 3-4 dragon boat festivals (regattas) in Ontario, which allows us to compete against other University teams in full dragon boats. UofG Athletics is not endorsing any participation in competition or training for competition at this time. In the case that this changes in the Winter 2021 semester, competition preparation will involve participation in the Ontario University Indoor Championships in January and our annual April Training Camp. Further details will be discussed at a later time. 

Contact + Connect

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Covid-19 Guidelines

Read below for details of our Return to Play Plan for Fall 2020.                                                                                                                                

Pool Practices: 

  • Sanitize equipment (paddle and adapters) with wipes or disinfectant + cloths before and after use 
  • Lend out equipment (paddles) to athletes to ensure only 1 person is using the paddle for the entire semester 
  • Spread the adapters further out to ensure minimum 2m distance between each athlete, if needed, we can use both sides of the pool 
  • No physical contact between athletes - coaching from a distance 
  • Athletes will wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after pool practice
  • Athletes will wear a mask according to facility’s regulations

On-water practices: 

  • No official on-water practices will be hosted by UGDBC
  • In the event that paddlers want to go on-water on their own time for fun, UGDBC and Athletics are by no means responsible or liable for any damages. That being said, anyone who chooses to go on the water is recommended to follow the following formation as recommended in the Dragon Boat Canada Return to Dragon Boat Guidelines.


  • Continue weekly virtual coached dry land sessions
    • This offers next to no risk per athlete 
  • When permitted, have a small group come into AC for a dry-land workout 
    • Limit number of people present (5-10) depending on facility rules and size of the room 
    • Those who are present would bring their own yoga mat
    • No equipment necessary for these workouts 
    • No close contact between athletes, yoga mats wil be spread out so each athlete will have their own space 
    • Have workout on zoom so the rest of the team can participate remotely
    • Each athlete will sanitize their own yoga mat after each use
    • Athletes will wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after dry-land practice
    • Athletes will wear a mask according to facility’s regulations
  • Gym use 
    • Athletes will respect facility’s regulations when using the gym on their personal time 
    • UGDBC will discourage gym groups


  • P-ERG will be integrated into some dry land practices, however there will be time allotted for just P-ERG use off-campus
  • P-ERG will be sanitized completely before and after each use 
  • Number of athletes in one P-ERG session will be limited to 1-2, maintaining proper social distancing 
  • Members will sign up in advance for 1 hr time slots
  • Athletes will wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after practice


  • UGDBC will continue to organize virtual socials to increase athlete motivation 
    • Trivia 
    • Escape Room 
    • Board games 
    • Cooking class
    • This poses next to risk for athletes 
    • Example of 100% virtual socials  include: 
  • For potential socials in-person
    • Johnson Green picnic 
    • Hiking/walking 
    • Paint night outside 
      • Athletes would bring all their own tools 
    • *All these activities would be completed while respecting physical distancing and members will wear masks when deemed appropriate
    • Athletes will wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after social
    • Athletes will wear a mask according to facility’s regulations
    • UGDBC will get approval from Clubs Representative before holding team socials 
    • Some low-risk in-person socials include: 


Dragon Boat Q&A
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