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Guelph Gryphons Fitness Centre

As of February 16th, 2021 (Guelph, Ont.) - The region of Guelph-Wellington-Dufferin moved to the strengthened measures of Red - Control after a province wide stay at home order was lifted. The University of Guelph, Department of Athletics is ready to safely welcome you back into our facilities as of February 16th at 7am.  For the protection of public health, please continue your attention towards our guidelines and amenity restrictions within our facilities and programs. 
Visit for Gryphon internal protocols & opening procedures. 
Visit for all University of Guelph COVID-19 information 
Before booking your time slot, ensure you have
read the below Policies & Protocols.

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 NOW Available: Mezzanine (within the Fitness Centre) Workout Blocks 

The Fitness Centre Mezzanine is normally a dedicated Personal Training space, but while in the 'Red - Control Zone' it will also be a bookable workout block (limited to availability, max five (5) members). 


  • This space is most suited to anyone looking for cardio machines and light weight/bodyweight workouts.
  • Mezzanine users will book using the 'Cardio/Bodyweight (Mezzanine)' link that sits within Fitness Centre bookings. 
  • Mezzanine workout blocks are 50 minutes in length and start on the hour.
  • Mezzanine users will enter through Garney Henley to check in and have their membership and booking validated in order to receive a yellow tag.  Swipe reports will be used for contact tracing. 
  • Greeters will direct users to enter the Mezzanine through the staircase upon walking into the Fitness Centre.
  • Users must stay on the mezzanine for the entire 50 min workout block.  At the end of the workout block users will exit the opposite staircase and go out through the back door.


Reservation Policies (Red - Control Zone)

  • All workout blocks must be reserved in advance for the purpose of contact tracing
  • Each Fitness Centre workout block is 50 minutes in length
  • The Fitness Centre will close for 10 minutes of cleaning after each workout block
  • Workout blocks can be reserved as early as 7 days in advance
  • Workout blocks will be available to reserve up until the desired start time
  • Clients are expected to cancel reservations on their own and can do so without penalty up to 1 hour prior to the reserved time
  • Reservations can be managed through the app, your email confirmation or by calling Client Services (519 824 4120 Ext. 56253)
  • Clients who make a reservation and continuously do not show will have their membership temporarily suspended
  • Non-members will be denied access to reserved time slots/workout blocks
  • Limit of 1 workout block per member, per day

Fitness Centre Protocols (Red - Control Zone)

  • Everyone is required to complete the U of G COVID-19 Screening Form prior to every visit using the QR code or by visiting > or access to the facility will be denied
  • If you experience any symptoms on the screening form or do not feel well, please stay home
  • NRG members will enter through the Garney Henley entrance
  • Everyone must check-in upon arrival
  • While change rooms are closed, we will provide you with a bin to hold personal belongings that will be stored in the Fitness Centre for the duration of your workout block
  • Late entries will only be permitted up until 15 minutes into each workout block
  • Walk-up NRG members will be accepted if space permits
  • Everyone must obey physical distancing guidelines while in the facility
  • Face coverings must be worn while entering the Fitness Centre and up until the point where your workout begins and during rest or walking between machines.
  • Individuals may choose to wear face coverings while working out
  • Everyone is expected to wipe all equipment after each use
  • Fitness Centre lendable equipment is currently restricted due to sanitizing purposes
  • Controlled access to the heavyweight area (black mats), with a limit of 8 people at any given time
  • After each workout block, individuals will exit directly through the back doors of the Fitness Centre/Building
  • The white staircase to the Fitness Centre is currently closed
  • ‘Working in’ is prohibited
Before booking your time slot, ensure you have
read the Policies & Protocols.

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Fitness Centre

Face coverings must be worn into the Fitness Centre up until the point where your workout begins. 

Face Coverings

Face coverings must be worn into the Fitness Centre up until the point where your workout begins. 

New Entrance!

NRG Members will enter the building through the Garney Henley entrance off of East Ring Road. 

Sanitized Equipment

Members must wipe down all equipment after use

Deep Cleaning

In between workout blocks, the Fitness Centre is closed for 30 minutes of deep cleaning. 

Guelph Gryphons Fitness Centre...

All members must obey physical distance and guidelines while in the workout space


This is a reservable spot on our booking site and also a dedicated personal training space.

Mezzanine 2

This is a reservable space, but also a dedicated personal training area.

Face Coverings
New Entrance!
Sanitized Equipment
Deep Cleaning
Guelph Gryphons Fitness Centre...
Mezzanine 2
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