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Guelph Gryphons Fit and Rec
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Fitness Centre

 Looking for Fitness Centre Hours?  Visit About Us/Hours of Operation.  


Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre
New Fitness Centre
New Squat Rack Platform
New Fitness Centre
New Fitness Centre

Nurture the Mind  |  Re-create the Self  |  Gear Up

Welcome to the Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre (GGAC) Fitness Centre!   

Looking for Fitness Centre Hours?  Visit About Us/Hours of Operation.  

After 12 years of planning, the University of Guelph opened its new Fitness Centre in September 2016. This 23,000 sq/ft state of the art Fitness Centre has a wide variety of equipment available to NRG Pass users. Cardio equipment is located on the main floor and mezzanine – predominantly Matrix with technology enabled screens to watch TV, Netflix, and track workouts, as well as a variety of other specialized pieces such as a standing ski erg, self driven treadmills, rope pulls, Jacob’s ladder, tire flip & more! Strength equipment ranges from selectorized weight stack to plate-loaded machinery. Squat racks and deadlift platforms are located towards the rear in our heavyweight section, with dumbbells and additional free weight barbells and landmines. In addition, there is the Connexus functional training station, open/free space, stretch machines, Hydro Massage Lounger (exclusive to NRG PLUS), core mats, and small equipment available for lend at the Fitness Centre desk.

Access to the Fitness Centre is included within the NRG Pass (additional fee applies) and also includes NRG classes such as yoga, Pilates, Aquafit, Indoor Cycling, boot camp, TRX®, HIIT, ZUMBA, Cardio Kickbox, Pound® and almost any other group fitness format you could possibly want! We also offer specialized classes geared to full-time campus-staff, as well as women’s-only classes.  Non-Members must purchase a Base Membership).

NRG PLUS Pass is our premium membership that includes access to the Fitness Centre, preferred access to all NRG Classes and now includes access to the Hydro Massage Lounger located in the Fitness Centre Mezzanine.  

Hydro Massage Lounger Policies:
• NRG PLUS users can access one 10-minute massage per day.
• Passcodes will be your student, staff or membership ID as presented on your student/membership card.
• New Passcodes will become active 24 hours after time of purchase. 
• After a daily massage, your passcode will expire until the following morning. 
• Passcodes will fully expire at the end of each semester.
• Book a massage by visiting the Fitness Centre desk or call 519-824-4120 X52105 (No bookings can be made more than 7 days in advance)
• The Hydro Massage is a waterbed, so please do not wear shoes, zippers, or buttons on the bed and remove keys/sharp objects from pockets.

For more information, please visit the Fitness Centre desk or book a free trial by contacting Lynne Skilton-Hayes X52670

What does Preferred Access mean?  NRG PLUS users will enter regular NRG classes first and spots will be reserved even for classes that have a limited number of participants (TRX®/cycle). *Reserved spots will be held until class start time, then spots will open to ALL NRG Pass users. 

Visit, Membership page for NRG fee details & to purchase your pass.  If you've purchased your NRG Pass online, visit Client Services to pick up your sticker (or bypass the line & go directly to the Fitness Centre Desk or see your NRG Class instructor to get your sticker).  You will be required to swipe your student/membership card upon entry to the building and once again prior to entering the Fitness Centre and/or Studios. 

For a full schedule of classes that are included within your NRG Pass - Click here to go to the NRG Calendar.


You will be transferred to our ActiveNet registration system.

Cost of NRG classes is included within the NRG Pass.  

Not sure how to register/purchase your membership?

View our How to Register Page

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