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All visitors over the age of 12 must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to access the University of Guelph campus. Visitors should attest to their vaccination status through the U of G's COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool. Visitors with a medical exemption must have a negative antigen test result from within the last 72 hours before coming to our spaces.  Gryphon Athletics Centre Screening & Vaccination Policies > 
Winter 2022 Registration: Monday Nov 29/2021 - Wednesday Jan 12/2022.  No refunds after Dec 1/2021.  Late Fees apply on Dec 2/2021.
Last Chance Registration (Fun Leagues ONLY): Wednesday Jan 12 - Friday Jan 14/2022.  No refunds after Jan 13/2022.



You can sign up a double Badminton team in the open league.


Available in Competitive and Fun leagues. 

Beach Volleyball
Bubble Soccer
Beach Volleyball
Bubble Soccer

Find out more through our What I need to know article here. 

Players can sign up for Intramurals as a team or free agent.

If you’re registering a team, you’ll need to identify a team captain.

The team captain is our main point on contact that the league office communicates with for any league specific information.

Some of the duties of the team captain include:

  • Ensure all players are on the team roster and no INELIGIBLE players take the field of play.
  • Ensure all players are aware of the specific rules of the sport they are playing.
  • Ensure all players are aware of the team schedule and other league resources found on IMLeagues.
  • Ensure all players attend Protest & Appeals when ejected from games or receive major disciplinary action.
  • Ensure all players team spectators understand that alcohol is prohibited on all fields of play and no one is allowed to play while under the influence of alcohol or any illicit drugs.
  • Ensure that all referees and other participants are treated with respect.

All other captain information including: captain's quiz, rule books, schedules, stats an standings can be found on IMLeagues.

If you’re registering as a free agent, we will place you on a team of fellow free agent’s.

Free Agents are individuals that have registered to a sport/division. We take all the Free Agents for all the different sports and divisions and create teams that are solely Free Agent players. Each Free agent team is denoted with an "x-" in front of their team name (i.e "X-Spain" or "X-Blue Jays").

All other information about your free agent team including: rule books, schedules, stats an standings can be found on IMLeagues.

If you're ready to register, please follow these steps below:

  Step One   Step Two    Step Three

Concussion Education


COVID-19 Live Intramural Protocol

Please read the COVID-19 protocol for live Intramural leagues 

COVID-19 Protocols for live Intramural leagues:

Student, staff, faculty and community members’ health and safety is our top priority. We have a shared responsibility to observe all virus precautionary measures in our operations and everyday routines in order to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

The following general protocols will apply to all Intramural leagues played in-person at the Athletics Centre:

  • Daily attestation through our University of Guelph self-assessment tool.
  • Maintain physical distancing of two meters (six feet) at all times when using Athletics facilities and when on the field of play.
  • Face coverings need to be worn at all times when using Athletics facilities.
  • Face coverings may only be removed during physical activity but must be worn by players on the bench. - All league officials will wear face coverings at all times. - Greet people with a wave instead of a handshake or fist bump.
  • There will be no handshakes at the conclusion of games.
  • No spectating of leagues is permitted.
  • Teams are encouraged to show up on time for their games as hanging out before and after games will not be permitted.

We are committed to a return-to-train environment that focuses on personal fitness/wellness as well as socialization. This current phase does not currently include any return to competition elements. Therefore, all live Intramural leagues will be offered at an Open Fun league level with no playoff component. All games will be monitored by a league official, which means teams are self officiating games. League monitors will sanitize any shared equipment during the set-up and tear down process.

We have built-in a 30-minute buffer between games this season to allow for current teams to exit the field of play safety before the next cohort of teams arrives to play. Monitors will also sanitize any equipment that was used in the previous match before the next game begins.

As part of our continued contact tracing efforts, the following new protocols will be enforced:

  • All players must swipe their student ID at Client Services when they arrive in our facility.
  • No “Grace Passes” will be sold.
  • Players may use a valid government-issued ID to sign into games if a student ID is forgotten.
  • No “OK to Play” passes will be issued.
  • You must join your team's roster in IMLeagues 48 hours before your game otherwise you will not be permitted to play.
  • If a player’s name is not printed on a scorecard, that player may not play (no exceptions).
  • While maintaining physical distancing, players will show their photo ID or student ID to the league monitor who will check you into the game.
  • Captains/players will not be required to physically sign scorecards.

The league office can be reached at 519 824 4120 x56137 or at

If the daily attestation through the self-assessment tool tells you to stay home or if you have a presumptive case of COVID-19 we ask that you follow these steps:

  • Self-isolate at home and avoid coming to the Athletics Centre.
  • If the presumptive case, gets tested (there will be a testing centre at Student Wellness).

We look forward to continuing our Intramural Program this semester and feel confident in the protocols and procedures we have put in place to ensure the healthy and safety of all our participants. Have a fun season and best of luck in all your games. 

Intramural FAQ

Are there any exemptions for being vaccinated?

Individuals with a personal medical exemption will be required to have a licensed medical physician complete a document on letterhead, specifying that the individual is unable to be vaccinated.
Individuals under the age of 12 will be permitted entry without proof of vaccination.
Please note that individuals that are unable to present valid documentation will not be permitted to enter the Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre, Gryphon Field House, or Gryphon Centre Arena.


Will daily health attestation still be required?

Yes. Everyone coming to the University of Guelph campus must complete the U of G Covid Screening Form, every time they come. Please do not come to campus if you fail or receive a RED X. 
You can access the Screening Form at or through the Safe Gryphon app available from the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android.
The Screening Form includes a link to the Ontario government’s COVID Self-Assessment Tool (Assessment Tool). Anyone who attends the University Locations without completing the Screening Form or who falsely reports the results of the Assessment Tool or does not comply with the University’s COVID-19 safety practices will not be permitted at any University Locations. Some permit holders use a screening tool provided by the association they belong to. These must be approved by Athletics & Recreation and if approved, are acceptable to be used for daily health screening requirements.

What is required to show proof of vaccination?

The Province of Ontario has announced that an app-based proof of vaccination is expected to be available to Ontarians by October 22nd. Until then, carry and be prepared to show your digital or paper vaccine receipt provided to you when you received your vaccine. Download your vaccine receipt online at using a green health card and postal code. Anyone with red and white health cards or no health card must call 1-833-943-3900. 
Gryphon Athletics & Recreation will not maintain any visitor proof of vaccination documentation on file, and we encourage you to download your documents ahead of time to expedite your entry as much as possible. Each time you visit, be prepared to show your proof of vaccination and a photo ID. Students and members with a Gryphon Athletics & Recreation membership swipe card, will need to show proof of vaccination and photo ID once. Accounts will be updated with a note that proof of vaccination has been validated.

On what date do I need to show my proof of vaccination?

By the order of the Province of Ontario, proof of vaccination will be required as of September 22nd for indoor sport, recreation, and fitness facilities. Individuals will be required to present their proof of vaccination documents along with valid photo identification when entering high risk, indoor sport, recreation, and fitness facilities. This affects the following indoor facilities: Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre, Gryphon Field House and Gryphon Centre Arena.

Can varsity players be on my team?

Varsity Athletes in a return to train scenario are still considered varsity athletes and continue to be ineligible for intramural sports of the same sport they play.

Varsity players may NOT take part in Intramural competition in the sport they play intercollegiate, players who quit or have left the intercollegiate team are not allowed in their respective sports until the FOLLOWING ACADEMIC YEAR after they have quit or their eligibility expires.

Why do I need a valid university of guelph student card or athletics membership card every game?

To remain consistent and to be fair to all participants, other forms of photo ID are NOT accepted. It is the only way we can truly know that you are a valid University of Guelph or Department of Athletics member paying membership fees. Requiring valid IDs is consistent to gain access to the Athletics Centre, Library and Guelph Transit. We are trying to stay CONSISTENT by enforcing the same procedures in all areas.

How many players does our team need to avoid a default?

3-Pitch - 8 Players (4 Males and 4 Females) – temporarily suspended.
Lobball – 7 – temporarily suspended.
Dodgeball - 6 Players (3 Males and 3 Females) – 6v6 format open format.
Badminton - 1 (Singles) or 2 (1 Male/Female for Mixed Doubles) – 2v2 open format.
Pickleball - 1 (Singles) or 2 (1 Male/Female for Mixed Doubles) – 2v2 open format.
Flag Football/Snow Flag Football - 5 (Minimum 2 of each gender) – temporarily suspended.
Hockey - 6 (for coed 3 Males and 3 Females). – temporarily suspended.
Floor Hockey - 4 (for coed 2 Males and 2 Females)/ 3 (for Men’s League) – temporarily suspended.
Indoor Soccer - 4 (for coed 2 Males and 2 Females) – temporarily suspended.
Outdoor Soccer - 7 (Equal M/F ration on field – does not include the goalie)
Ultimate Frisbee - 5 (Equal M/F ratio at all times, odd player of either sex) – temporarily suspended.
Volleyball - 4 (for coed 2 Males and 2 Females) – 4v4 format open format .
Beach Volleyball 2s – 2 – temporarily suspended.
Beach Volleyball 4s – 4 (at least 2 Males and 2 Females) – temporarily suspended.
Innertube Waterpolo - 4 (2 Males and 2 Females) – temporarily suspended.

What happens if I forget my student card?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Grace Passes and ‘Ok to Play’ Passes will not be issued. University of Guelph ID and any government issued photo ID will be accepted to sign into your games. Although no eligibility will be collected due to the suspension of competitive leagues, players are still required to sign into games to verify identities from a contact tracing perspective. Player’s will not be permitted to play an Intramural game if their name is not printed on the scorecard.

How and when can I cancel or reschedule a game?

You MUST provide 48 hours’ notice to cancel. You can request a cancellation by contacting the Intramural Office by email at Due to COVID-19 we will temporarily not be accepting any rescheduling requests.
Please note, if you are cancelling a Sunday game, you must notify the Intramural office by Friday at noon.
Teams may cancel their first games without penalty to their bond. If you cannot attend your first game and you do not cancel your first game, you will lose your ENTIRE bond and you will be REMOVED from the league.

The following steps need to be completed at least 48 HOURS prior to the scheduled game:
1. The team with the cancellation request MUST e-mail with the request.
2. IM staff will confirm the cancellation with BOTH teams.
3. SUNDAY games must be cancelled by FRIDAY at 2:00 pm.

Do I need to be a student to play Intramurals?

EACH PARTICIPANT MUST HAVE PAID THE ATHLETIC'S FEE by being either a full-time student, or part-time undergraduate student, or purchasing a monthly base Athletics membership for the current semester.  

Email Us a Question

How do I link directly to CONNECT

To link directly to CONNECT and login into your account, go to Useful Links on the bottom of the Fitness & Recreation home page. Go directly to Connect to login.

How do I get wifi?

Users must first sync their Central Login Password by using the password change tool, and can then use the JoinNow tool to configure the wireless network for their devices. Visit Computing & Communication Services for more details,


There are TWO steps when registering an Intramural Team.

FIRST – Team captains must pay for the Intramural team on or in person at Client Services in the Athletics Centre. Team captains pay the bond for the team ($250 for Ice Hockey and $75 for all other sports). The bond is returned in full if no fines are applied to the account. A team can be fined if they default a game, forget to submit their roster on time, player misconduct, or lost or damaged jersey/equipment.

SECOND – Team captains must register their team roster at IM Leagues (opens in new tab). View FAQ “How do I create a roster and apply players to my roster?” for instructions.

How do I register as an individual to play intramurals?

There are TWO steps when registering as an Individual/Free Agent.
FIRST – You must pay to register on connect ( or in person at Client Services in the Athletics Centre. The fee to play as a free agent is $20 for Ice Hockey and $10 for all other sports.
SECOND – You must log on to IM Leagues ( and create an account. The Intramural Office can then add you to the X’s/Free Agent team you signed up for in Connect. All free agent teams are made up of individual players and the teams have an X in front of the team name (e.g. X-Lightning).

How can I add myself to a roster?

Once your captains has created a team on IM leagues, you can sign in and join the team. Our online video slideshow explains how to create your IM Leagues account and how you join a roster on IM Leagues.
To join a Roster on IM Leagues:

  • You must go to
  • Once on IM Leagues click “Create Account”
  • Once logged in click on “University of Guelph” at the top left corner
  • On the homepage, select your sport from the list (e.g. click on “Dodgeball Competitive League”)
  • When you get to the league page you will click “Register/Signup” and then click “Join a Team”
  • You will have to sign your waiver and request to be added to the team
  • If your captain has chosen to make the team “CLOSED” they will have to verify your name prior to you being added to the team roster

What is the fine for defaulting or missing a game?

First Game Default - Ice Hockey ($250.00), Other Sports ($75.00) *and removal from league
Regular Season/Playoff Game Default - Ice Hockey ($125.00), Other Sports ($37.50)

These are some other fines that may occur:

  • Failure to submit roster on time to IM leagues ($15.00)
  • Misconduct and/or Fighting ($50.00)
  • Lost and/or Damaged Equipment and/or Jersey ($50.00)

What happens if our score is recorded incorrectly?

Unfortunately this happens from time to time. It is best to contact the Intramural Office as soon as you notice an error. The Intramural Office can be contacted by email at or by phone at 519-824-4120 ex. 56137. The Intramural Office will look into the error and make amendments online when necessary.


When you register or join a team on IM Leagues, you will have accepted the waiver.


Every division in our competitive brackets have playoffs.

Teams - Every team in the league makes playoffs REGARDLESS of standing in the regular season.

Individual Players - Players must participate in at least ONE THIRD (2 OF 6) of their team's regular season games to be eligible to compete in the playoffs (special eligibility rules apply for Ice Hockey leagues).

What happens if I'm not on the scorecard?

Come to the IM Office and we will sort out the reason why you are not appearing on the scorecard. If you are eligible to play for the team, you will be given an OK TO PLAY slip.

What time do I play? Where do I play? Who am I playing?

Team schedules will be posted on the IMLeagues website. These schedules will be posted shortly after late registration closes in the Fall and Winter semester. These schedules will tell you where your games will be played, who you will be playing, and the time of your game.

  • Find your league schedule by going to the University of Guelph homepage (Go to the Homepage by clicking “University of Guelph” in the top left hand corner of the screen)
  • Click on your league from the list (e.g. (M) Competitive A Basketball).
  • Once on the League page you will be able to view upcoming games, schedules, and statistics

What is protest and appeals?

The Protests and Appeals (P&A) committee deals with suspensions, ineligible players and any other misconducts or incidents that occur during intramural games. Meetings are held EVERY TUESDAY AT 6:30pm IN THE IM OFFICE. You MUST attend a P&A before you are allowed to play again.

Can I play on multiple intramural teams?

Yes, you can play on more than one intramural team if your teams are playing in a variety of sports. You can play on more than one team in the same sport, however, only on one co-ed team and one male or female team. You cannot play for 2 co-ed, 2 male, or 2 female teams of different divisions (A,B,C). Ice hockey is the exception. You can only play on ONE Ice Hockey Team, regardless of division or gender.

How do I create a roster and add players to my roster?

Once your team is paid in Connect, each player will need to create an account in IM Leagues. If players already have an account from a previous year they need to login and join the team. Our online video slideshow explains how to create your roster on IM Leagues and how your teammates can join your roster on IM Leagues.
To create a new Roster on IM Leagues:

  • You must go to
  • Once on IM Leagues click “Create Account”
  • Once logged in click on “University of Guelph” at the top left corner
  • On the homepage, select your sport from the list (e.g. click on “Dodgeball Competitive League”)
  • Then select the Register/Signup button and click “Create a Team”
  • You will have to watch the captain’s video, pass the captain’s quiz, and sign the waiver before you are able to sign up for your team
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