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Personal Training & Nutrition

Personal Training & Nutrition

Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training

New Year, Better You - 3  Personal Training Sessions for the price of 2!

Take advantage of some great savings this January and hire a personal trainer.  3 sessions for the price of 2! Our 'New Year, Better You' promo will get you started on your journey to becoming a better version of you this year. Whatever the goal, we can help you get there. You will receive a 30-minute consultation plus 2 1/2 hours of follow up with the trainer in the gym in order to ensure you get the most out of your new program. Promo exclusive to U of G Students/Members.  Click here to purchase the New Year, Better You Sessions.  (opens in new tab)

FREE Fitness Orientation

This free one-hour session will give you an overview of the equipment we have to offer in our brand new GGAC Fitness Centre, book your's today by contacting the GGAC Fitness Centre, 519-824-4120, ext. 52105.

Personal Training

Not seeing the results you desire?  Our nationally recognized personal trainers can help you achieve all of your goals.  Our packages of personal training begin with a consultation in order to acquire the information we need to tailor a program specifically for you.  These consultations include a health history screen, lifestyle questions, goal-setting, postural assessment and the FMS (Functional Movement Screen).  From there, our personal trainers will guide you through a program to ensure you get the most out of your session.   Visit Guelph Gryphons Connect (opens in new tab) to book your session(s).

  2 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 25 Sessions
Personal Trainer - Student $90 $198 $362 n/a
Personal Trainer - Member $113 $254 $463 $850

Personal Trainer - Non-Member/Off-site

$125 $284 $523 $1000


Master Trainer

If you want to push your limits and achieve dramatic results, then our master trainer is the way to go. These individuals have multiple certifications and years of education and experience to offer you. Their expertise means results guaranteed. Sessions with our master trainer include a consultation, postural assessment, FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and gait analysis.  The consultation will discuss such things as goal setting, lifestyle modification and health history. From there, your personal coach will design and assist you through a fitness program tailored to your specific needs.  Visit Guelph Gryphons Connect (opens in new tab) to book your session(s).

  2 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 25 Sessions
Master Trainer - Member/Student $192 $452 $825 n/a
Master Trainer - Non-Member $204 $482 $885 n/a


Water Therapy

This program is a comprehensive therapeutic approach that uses aquatic exercise to assist in the management of various health conditions i.e. arthritis, pre and post hip/knee replacement, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic back pain, orthopaedic conditions, stroke rehab, Fibromyalgia and more. Taking an active role in your recovery can aid in the transition to an independent program and lead to an improved quality of life.  Water Therapy not available Fall 2017 due to Pool Maintenance.  Visit Guelph Gryphons Connect (opens in new tab) to book your session(s).

  2 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 25 Sessions
Water Therapy - Member/Student $192 $452 $825 $1950
Water Therapy - Non-Member $204 $482 $885 $2100


Group Training (NRG Pass Members Only)

Workout with a buddy under the guidance of one of our personal trainers. This is a great way to stay motivated and save money at the same time. These are workout sessions and therefore do not include a personal health screen or consultation (for this personalized service, see personal training).  2-person and/or 3-person Group Training options are available to NRG Pass members only and each individual must register independently and pay the applicable fee (fees listed are per person).  2-Session or 25-Session packages not available for Group Training.  Visit Guelph Gryphons Connect (opens in new tab) to book your session(s).

  1 Session 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
2-Person Personal Trainer - Student $28/person $130/person $226/person
2-Person Personal Trainer - Member $40/person $181/person $339/person
3-Person Personal Trainer - Student $25/person $113/person $203/person
3-Person Personal Trainer - Member $34/person $158/person $283/person

Nutrition Services - Alida Finnie

Individual Nutrition sessions will focus on helping you find a plan that shifts away from dieting and honors your individuality so you can experience true satisfaction and body trust. If you've tried the dieting thing more times than you can count, perhaps you now realize that you've not failed, perhaps dieting has failed you? Alida Finnie is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Registered Dietitian who has practiced in a variety of health care settings for the past 10 years and is passionate about making peace with food and helping you do the same! Choose which Nutrition Package suits your needs and book your session now at  Or book your complimentary (15 min) nutrition clarity call session to learn more about our new Nutrition Packages and how Alida can help you find a plan that shifts away from dieting and honors your individuality.  Email Alida directly to book your FREE nutrition session @

 3 Sessions include: 5 Sessions include: 10 Sessions include:
one 75-minute consultation one 75-minute consultation two 75-minute consultations
two 45-minute follow-up sessions four 45-minute follow-up sessions eight 45-minute follow-up sessions
Member/Student $295 Member/Student $455 Member/Student $860
Non-Member $313 Non-Member $485 Non-Member $920

Nutrition Group Seminar Series - Lindzie O'Reilly

Group Nutritional Seminar Series presented by Lindzie O'Reilly, Registered Dietitian from Student Wellness Services.  Each seminar will cover a different topic and give you the opportunity to have your nutrition questions answered.    Only $5 per seminar for members!  Register below or @ Client Services.

For Individual Nutrition Sessions, see above Nutrition Services with Alida Finnie.

Nutrition Myth Busting - CANCELLED - Thu Sept 28th, 5:30-6:30pm | GGAC Gryphon Lounge
Is protein powder necessary to build muscle? Will counting macros help you achieve your goals? Will cutting out sugar or gluten make you healthier? Everyone eats, so everyone has their own opinion about food and nutrition. It's hard to know what's accurate. If you're feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone. Join this conversation-based seminar to have your questions answered!

Pre & Post Fuel - CANCELLED - Thu Oct 26th, 5:30-6:30pm | GGAC Gryphon Lounge
Ever felt weak or dizzy during a workout? Unsure what to eat after a workout? Muscle soreness that lasts for days? This seminar is for you! Learn some simple tips and tricks to help you make sure you’re well fueled to perform your best.

Stress Busting Strategies - Thu Nov 30th, 5:30-6:30pm | GGAC Gryphon Lounge, click here to register now (17297)
You've worked hard this semester, and the end is in sight! Whether you're worried about upcoming exams, or the change in exercise and food routine that comes along with the holidays, join this seminar to learn tips and tricks to eat mindfully and feel your best.

Wellness Package

The new Wellness Package is designed to give you an all-encompassing experience. Consisting of personal training, nutrition, and guided meditation, this package helps build healthy minds and bodies, at a discount off of the normal cost of these programs.  Book your session now at

 Wellness Package includes:
5 Personal Training Sessions
3 Nutrition Sessions
2 Guided Meditations
Member/Student $600
Non-Member $650


  • Our minimum package of one-on-one personal training is a 2-session package. This includes a 1-hour consultation and a 1-hour program follow-up with a trainer.  When you purchase a 5, 10 or 25 session package, you receive a complimentary health screening and consultation. The more you buy, the more you save! 
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