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Effective March 16th at 1pm ALL Athletics Facilities are now CLOSED.
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Personal Training & Nutrition - Fees will increase as of Aug 30/20

COVID-19 Update July 15, 2020: Ontario prepares for Phase 2 (Stage 3)

The Department of Athletics will remain closed until August 31, 2020 other than restricted Rental Permits made through the Facility Booking Office. For more details visit link below.
All in-person Fitness & Recreation Programs originally planned to run in June, July and August continue to be cancelled.  Your health and wellness continue to be a priority for us, and we're excited to welcome you back soon. We are continuing to post daily workouts online free of charge. Participate in our 45 minute Gryphon fitness classes from our Fitness and Recreation Instagram account found here.  As restrictions from the provincial government and public health are communicated, we will provide updates regarding future programming.
Registrations will be automatically cancelled.  You do not need to withdraw or cancel your registration.
Any fees already paid will be refunded in full. Payments made by credit card will be automatically refunded to that card. If you paid for a registration with any other form of payment, you will receive an account credit that can be used to pay for future registrations.  For more information about recreation program credits and refunds, please email

"New Year, Better You!" Personal Training Promo is back again this January.  Don't miss this amazing deal to save on personal training sessions - includes consultation plus 2½ hours with a trainer for just $89.  Make sure you add this to your Wish list for goes on sale December 1st and only available to purchase until Jan. 31/19.Our minimum package for one-on-one personal training is a 2-session package. This includes a 1-hour consultation and a 1-hour program follow-up with a trainer.  When you purchase a 5, 10 or 25 session package, you receive a complimentary health screening and consultation. The more you buy, the more you save! 


FREE Fitness Orientation

This free one-hour session will give you an overview of the equipment we have to offer in our GGAC Fitness Centre, book your's today by contacting the GGAC Fitness Centre, 519-824-4120, ext. 52105.

Personal Training (one-on-one)

Not seeing the results you desire?  Our nationally recognized personal trainers can help you achieve all of your goals.  Our packages of personal training begin with a consultation in order to acquire the information we need to tailor a program specifically for you.  These consultations include a health history screen, lifestyle questions, goal-setting, postural assessment and the FMS (Functional Movement Screen).  From there, our personal trainers will guide you through a program to ensure you get the most out of your session.   Visit Guelph Gryphons Connect (opens in new tab) to book your session(s).

  2 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 25 Sessions

Personal Trainer - Student FeeFees will increase as of Aug. 30/20

$95  $207 $380 $816
Personal Trainer - Member $119 $267 $486 $900

Personal Trainer - Non-Member/Off-site

$131 $297 $546 $1050


Master Trainer (one-on-one)

If you want to push your limits and achieve dramatic results, then our master trainer is the way to go. These individuals have multiple certifications and years of education and experience to offer you. Their expertise means results guaranteed. Sessions with our master trainer include a consultation, postural assessment, FMS (Functional Movement Screen), and gait analysis. The consultation will discuss things such as goal setting, lifestyle modification, and health history. From there, your personal coach will design and assist you through a fitness program tailored to your specific needs. Visit Guelph Gryphons Connect (opens in new tab) to book your session(s).

  2 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 25 Sessions
Master Trainer - Member/Student $192 $452 $825 $1950
Master Trainer - Non-Member $204 $482 $885 $2100


Water Therapy (one-one-one)

This program is a comprehensive therapeutic approach that uses aquatic exercise to assist in the management of various health conditions i.e. arthritis, pre and post hip/knee replacement, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic back pain, orthopaedic conditions, stroke rehab, Fibromyalgia and more. Taking an active role in your recovery can aid in the transition to an independent program and lead to an improved quality of life.  Visit Guelph Gryphons Connect (opens in new tab) to book your session(s).

  2 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 25 Sessions
Water Therapy - Member/Student $192 $452 $825 $1950
Water Therapy - Non-Member $204 $482 $885 $2100


Group Training (NRG Members Only)

Workout with a buddy under the guidance of one of our personal trainers. This is a great way to stay motivated and save money at the same time. These are workout sessions and therefore do not include a personal health screen or consultation (for this personalized service, see personal training).  2-person and/or 3-person Group Training options are available to NRG members only and each individual must register independently and pay the applicable fee (fees listed are per person).  2-Session or 25-Session packages not available for Group Training.  Visit Guelph Gryphons Connect (opens in new tab) to book your session(s).

  1 Session 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
2-Person Personal Trainer - Student $28/person $130/person $226/person
2-Person Personal Trainer - Member $40/person $181/person $339/person
3-Person Personal Trainer - Student $25/person $113/person $203/person
3-Person Personal Trainer - Member $34/person $158/person $283/person

Nutrition Services

Individual Nutrition sessions are available with Rachel Hannah. 

Rachel Hannah puts her clinical knowledge to use as a Distance Runner, having won 5 Canadian Championships in Road Racing, Track and Cross Country. She has been the First Canadian in the Boston Marathon and won a Bronze Medal in the 2015 Pan Am Games Marathon. She services all nutritional goal and action planning including: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Acceptance-Based Behavioural approach to Weight Management and Energy Availability for Health & Performance and Individual Periodized Nutrition Planning for Athletes.

Go to to purchase your Nutrition sessions now and you will then be contacted to discuss your individual needs. 

3 Sessions include: 5 Sessions include: 10 Sessions include:
1 x 75-minute consultation 1 x 75-minute consultation 2 x 75-minute consultations
2 x 45-minute follow-up sessions 4 x 45-minute follow-up sessions 8 x 45-minute follow-up sessions
Member/Student $295 Member/Student $455 Member/Student $860
Non-Member $313 Non-Member $485 Non-Member $920

Wellness Package (one-on-one)

The new Wellness Package is designed to give you an all-encompassing experience. Consisting of personal training, nutrition, and guided meditation, this package helps build healthy minds and bodies, at a discount off of the normal cost of these programs.  Book your session now at

 Wellness Package includes:
5 Personal Training Sessions
3 Nutrition Sessions
2 Guided Meditations
Member/Student $600
Non-Member $650

Personal Training Policies

LATE POLICY: Clients are responsible for arriving on-time to their training sessions. Trainers are obligated to wait only 15 minutes (10 minutes for 30-minute sessions). After that time, the session is either forfeited (session is lost) or the trainer may complete the time left. In this case, the session will be recorded as a full session.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Should a client need to cancel, clients are asked to contact their trainer 24 hours in advance of the scheduled training session to avoid forfeiting a session. If the notice is less than 24 hours, the client will be charged and therefore a session forfeited. Failure to contact your trainer will also result in the client forfeiting a session. In an emergency, it is up to the discretion of the trainer as to whether a session charge is appropriate.

PACKAGE EXPIRATION/REFUND POLICY: Individuals registering for personal training must complete all personal training sessions by the expiration date of the training package. Expiries are calculated from the date of purchase.
Packages and subsequent expiry time frames:
2 session package – 1 month
5 and 10 session packages – 6 months
25 and 50 session packages – 1 year
** Any extensions must be requested to the trainer and will be assessed/approved on a case-by-case basis.
All packages are non-refundable/non-transferable after the 10-day cooling off period.

Personal Training & Nutrition

Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training
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