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Team Building


Team Building Opportunities

Indoor Climbing Wall

Our UGAA Rock Wall Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that includes top roping, bouldering and lead climbing.  Participants will climb in a safe and positive environment led by our climbing instructors and learn climbing safety as well as belaying techniques. Working together as both a climber and belayer, teams of two will then tackle a wide range of routes that will satisfy climbers of all skills and experiences.  All necessary equipment is provided at the Rock Wall facility.  To book your team building event at the wall contact Kevin at

"Stress Buster" - Gryphon "Among Us" 

A virtual play experience is offered as a stress buster.  Participants will participate in the hugely popular Among Us digital game in a cross-platform experience.  This activity will be run through the "Among Us" game platform but coordinated through a Microsoft Teams video call.  To book your team building event contact Katrina at

Virtual Escape Room 

Our new virtual escape rooms use the hugely popular "Legends of Canada" by Complex Rooms format and platform. Each event is coordinated through a Microsoft Teams video call by a representative from the Department of Athletics. Players are divided into teams of 6 to try to work together to "escape".   To book your team building event contact Katrina at

Online Trivia 

Participants will compete in an online trivia activity that will cover all sorts of general themes and genres.  This activity will be run on both Kahoot! and Microsoft Teams platform. To book your team building event contact Katrina at 

Digital Scavenger Hunt 

A virtual play experience where participants will compete to find items around their home in a race against the clock to complete the scavenger hunt.  This activity will be run on the Microsoft Teams platform.  To book your team building event contact Katrina at

Nerf Battle 

Our Nerf battle royal is by far our most popular team-building activity.  Groups are split into teams and play various formats from all-out team vs team battles to one-on-one single-shot games or even capture the flag!  Before every event, our team of experts builds a cardboard box terrain that allows teams and players to formulate the best strategies to survive and dominate.  All of the nerf guns and foam bullets are provided with this event as well as safety glasses for players.  This event is great for large groups of 20-30 plus.  To book your team building event contact Katrina at


All visitors over the age of 12 must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to access the University of Guelph campus. Visitors should attest to their vaccination status through the U of G's COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool. Visitors with a medical exemption must have a negative antigen test result from within the last 72 hours before coming to our spaces.  Gryphon Athletics Centre Screening & Vaccination Policies >

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