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Protest and Appeals

The Protest & Appeals (P&A) Committee adjudicates in matters of discipline for the Intramural Program. They are the judicial body that deals with defaulted Intramural teams, ineligible players, un-sportsman-like behavior and suspensions of teams and/or players. 

Any time a player is ejected from a game or receives a major misconduct they will be suspended indefinitely until they attend a hearing.

  • If you are ejected from a game or referred to a P&A hearing, please email to schedule a meeting 
  • Hearings occur weekly in the Intramural Office in the Athletics Centre
  • P&A decisions may be appealed to the INTRAMURAL SUPERVISOR.  To appeal a P&A decision, the player must contact the Intramural Supervisor within 24 HOURS of receiving the decision.  
  • Please contact the Intramural Office at 519 824-4120 x56137 or if you have any questions.
  • Download P&A offense classification and suspension guidelines


If you wish to submit an incident:

  • Email with a description of the incident and date it happened.
  • For sensitive incidents, you can email the Intramural Supervisor at 
  • Matters will be referred to the P&A Committee
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