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Meet our team for the 2023-2024 season! 


The Guelph University Tennis Club was created in 2019 and prides itself on showcasing the Tennis talent within the University. The club has accumulated over 50 members who play recreationally and competitively. From a competitive standpoint, the team travels to various Universities with courts and plays in as many exhibition matches and tournaments as possible. The team also hosts some of their matches by renting out facilities at Cutten Fields. 

If you want to play recreationally that is more than acceptable as well. The team practices 2 times a week (Wednesday and Thursday) and no one is required to play in external matches. The 2 practice courts for the team are Cutten Fields and Royal City Tennis Club. 


Practice: $15

Tournaments: Fees are different for every tournament as we will need to account for registration fees depending on the number of players in the tournament

Our Executives

President: Gabe Carvalho

Vice President: Ethan Hunter

Safety Officer: Izzy Liwak

 Contact Information


Instagram: @Gryphonstennis

If you want to sign up for the Tennis club, follow this Active Net Link