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How To Register

Intramurals provide an inclusive opportunity for students to be active and socialize through a variety of sport options. Various levels of competition are offered, and game times vary throughout the week.  Visit Intramural landing page for Registration Info.

Register as a Team or an Individual/Free Agent.  Free Agents will be placed on a team of fellow Free Agents within desired sport and division.  Free Agent teams will be denoted with an "x-" in front of the team name (i.e "X-Spain" or "X-Blue Jays").  More information including rule books, schedules, stats and standings can be found on IMLeagues.

If you're ready to register, please follow these steps below:







Team Registration






Free Agent







STEP 1: Choose your Sport & Level of Play 

Sports Played

Teams play one-two times per week, Mon to Thu 6-11:30pm and/or Sun 12-11:30pm
Outdoor Sports (Fall Only)
3-Pitch Beach Volleyball Ultimate Frisbee Flag Football
Indoor Sports (Fall/Winter) 
Badminton Basketball Dodgeball Arena Football (Winter Only)
Ice Hockey  Squash Multi-Sport (may include Waterpolo/Dodgeball/Kickball/Handball)
Pickleball Soccer Spikeball  
Arena Ultimate Frisbee (Winter Only) Volleyball  
 Team Minimums here  Schedule Overview here

Level of Play

Competitive You're a skilled and knowledgeable player having experience at a rep or travel level.  You enjoy a competitive atmosphere and take the game seriously. Teams will receive 6 regular season games, plus playoffs.  Options are Advanced/Intermediate or Intermediate.  
Recreational Teams will receive 6 regular season games, plus playoffs.
Fun You've never played the sport before or you're looking for a social experience.  You want to get out and meet people in a fun and athletic atmosphere.  This level is geared towards the beginner player.  Teams will play 8 games, no playoffs.
Hockey  Click here for Ice Hockey level of play. 


Teams: Identify a Team Captain to complete the registration in CONNECT and pay the bond.  The team captain will be the main point of contact for league specific information and must understand duties of the team captain.  

  • Go to CONNECT (
  • Click on “Intramurals & Leagues” under Activities. Find your Sport.
  • Complete registering by following the steps listed and pay the bond (and late fees if applicable)
  • Alternatively, you can register in person at Client Services in the Athletics Centre.
  • Visit Policies & Procedures for Bond & Default details


STEP 3: Create Team Roster 

Free Agents: Look for an email from IM Leagues inviting you to your Free Agent team.

Teams: Team Captains must create their team roster at IM Leagues

  • Go to
  • Once on IM Leagues click “Create Account”
  • Once logged in click on “University of Guelph” at the top left corner
  • On the homepage, select your sport from the list (e.g. click on “Dodgeball Competitive League”)
  • Then select the Register/Signup button and click “Create a Team”
  • Team Captains will have to watch the captain’s video, pass the captain’s quiz, and sign the waiver before signing up their team
  • Ensure team players create an account in IM Leagues. If players already have an account from a previous year, they will need to login and join the team. 


STEP 4: Add players to the team Roster 

Free Agents: You must wait until you receive an email from IM Leagues inviting you to your Free Agent Team 

Teams: Your team captain must first create your team in IM Leagues, then all team players must create an account in IM Leagues. If you already have an account from a previous year, you will need to login and join the team.  If your captain has chosen to make the team “CLOSED” they will have to verify your name prior to you being added to the team roster.  

  • Go to
  • Once on IM Leagues click “Create Account”
  • Once logged in click on “University of Guelph” at the top left corner
  • On the homepage, select your sport from the list (e.g. click on “Dodgeball Competitive League”)
  • When you get to the league page you will click “Register/Signup” and then click “Join a Team”
  • You will have to sign your waiver and request to be added to the team


If you're ready to register, please follow these steps below:







Team Registration






Free Agent







Intramural FAQ

Are Gender Neutral/Universal change rooms available?

Universal Change Rooms are available for anyone looking for a non-gender specific space.

Team Minimums to Register or avoid a Default

Outdoor Sports -    Fall Only Min to Register Min to avoid Default
3-Pitch 9 7 Total | 3 Men | 3 Women
Beach Volleyball 6's 6 4 Total | 2 Men | 2 Women
Beach Volleyball 2's 2 2 Total | Open Division 
Flag Football 7 5 Total | 2 Men | 2 Women
Soccer 10 (9+Goalie) 7 (6+Goalie) | 2 Men | 2 Women
Ultimate Frisbee 7 5 Total | 2 Men | 2 Women
Indoor Sports - Fall/Winter Min to Register  Min to avoid Default 
Badminton 2 2 Total | Open Division
Basketball 5 4 Total | 2 Men | 2 Women
Dodgeball 10 6 Total | 2 Men | 2 Women
Ice Hockey 6 (5+Goalie)  6 (5+Goalie) | 2 Men | 2 Women 
Arena Football -   Winter Only 4 Total | 2 Men | 2 Women 
Multi Sport Sport Dependent Sport Dependent 
Pickleball 2 2 Total | Open Division
Soccer 5 (4+Goalie) 4 (3+Goalie) | 2 Men | 2 Women
Spikeball 2 2 Total | Open Division
Squash  Free Agents Only Open Division
Arena Ultimate Frisbee - Winter Only 7 5 Total | 2 Men | 2 Women
Volleyball 6 4 Total | 2 Men | 2 Women
Nonbinary, trans, genderqueer and all other players who identify as a gender minority can count towards the roster minimums for either men or women in our mixed-gender leagues.


Can I play on multiple intramural teams?

Yes, you can play on more than one intramural team if your teams are playing in a variety of sports.

Please note: ICE HOCKEY is an exception. You may only play on ONE ice hockey team to create capacity for more students to play. If you wish to play hockey more per week you can check out our Rec Hockey schedule here.

In other leagues, players can play on more than one team in the same sport, however, only on one mixed team and one men’s or women’s team. You cannot play for 2 mixed, 2 men’s, or 2 women’s teams of different divisions (A,B, or recreational).

What is protest and appeals?

The Protests and Appeals (P&A) committee deals with suspensions, ineligible players and any other misconducts or incidents that occur during intramural games. Meetings are held EVERY TUESDAY AT 6:30pm IN THE IM OFFICE. You MUST attend  P&A before you are allowed to play again.

What time do I play? Where do I play? Who am I playing?

Team schedules will be posted on the IMLeagues website. These schedules will be posted shortly after registration closes; latest by 12:00pm on the Saturday before Intramurals start. These schedules will tell you where your games will be played, who you will be playing, and the time of your game.

  • Find your league schedule by going to IM Leagues, click on “University of Guelph” in the top left hand corner of the screen
  • Click on your league from the list (e.g. (M) Competitive A Basketball).
  • Once on the League page you will be able to view upcoming games, schedules, and statistics

What happens if our score is recorded incorrectly?

Unfortunately this happens from time to time. It is best to contact the Intramural Office as soon as you notice an error. The Intramural Office can be contacted by email at or by phone at 519-824-4120 ex. 56137. The Intramural Office will look into the error and make amendments online when necessary.

What happens if I forget my student card?

Grace Passes available at Client Services.  University of Guelph ID and any government issued photo ID will be accepted to sign into your games. Player’s will not be permitted to play an Intramural game if their name is not printed on the scorecard.

What happens if I'm not on the scorecard?

Come to the IM Office and we will sort out the reason why you are not appearing on the scorecard. If you are eligible to play for the team, you will be given an OK TO PLAY slip.

Why do I need a valid university of guelph student card or athletics membership card every game?

To remain consistent and to be fair to all participants, other forms of photo ID are NOT accepted. It is the only way we can truly know that you are a valid University of Guelph Student. Requiring valid IDs is consistent to gain access to the Athletics Centre, Library and Guelph Transit. We are trying to stay CONSISTENT by enforcing the same procedures in all areas.

Who can play Intramurals?

The Recreation Membership is a pre-requisite to play Intramurals.  

Students: You already have a ‘Recreation Membership’ if you are a University of Guelph student (full or part-time undergraduate student or full-time graduate student) that is enrolled in the current semester since you have already paid the ‘Athletic Fee’ (Athletic Fee = Recreation Membership) within the Compulsory Fee portion of your tuition. Your Recreation Membership includes limited access to the building including Intramurals.

Can varsity players be on my team?

Varsity Athletes in a return to train scenario are still considered varsity athletes and continue to be ineligible for intramural sports of the same sport they play.

Varsity players may NOT take part in Intramural competition in the sport they play intercollegiate, players who quit or have left the intercollegiate team are not allowed in their respective sports until the FOLLOWING ACADEMIC YEAR after they have quit or their eligibility expires.


Every division in our competitive brackets have playoffs.

Teams - Every team in the league makes playoffs REGARDLESS of standing in the regular season.

Individual Players - Players must participate in at least ONE THIRD (2 OF 6) of their team's regular season games to be eligible to compete in the playoffs (special eligibility rules apply for Ice Hockey leagues).


When you register or join a team on IM Leagues, you will have accepted the waiver.

How do I get wifi?

Users must first sync their Central Login Password by using the password change tool, and can then use the JoinNow tool to configure the wireless network for their devices. Visit Computing & Communication Services for more details,

How do I link directly to CONNECT

To link directly to CONNECT and login into your account, go to Useful Links on the bottom of the Fitness & Recreation home page. Go directly to Connect to login.

Duties of a Team Captain

  • Ensure all players are listed on the team roster and no INELIGIBLE players take the field of play.
  • Ensure all players are aware of the specific rules of the sport being played.
  • Ensure all players are aware of the team schedule and other league resources found on IMLeagues.
  • Ensure all players attend Protest & Appeals when ejected from games or receive major disciplinary action.
  • Ensure all players & team spectators understand that alcohol is prohibited on all fields of play and no one is allowed to play while under the influence of alcohol or any illicit drugs.
  • Ensure that all referees and other participants are treated with respect.

All other captain information including captain's quiz, rule books, schedules, stats an standings can be found on IMLeagues.

When will games be scheduled?

Schedule Overview is subject to change/not guaranteed.

Intramural Schedule Overview

Outdoor Sports -    Fall Only

  Sunday  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
3-Pitch noon-10pm         
Beach Volleyball  noon-3pm        
Flag Football noon-4pm         
Soccer 6pm-12am  8pm-12am  8pm-12am  8pm-12am  8pm-12am 
Ultimate Frisbee       8pm-12am   

Indoor Sports - Fall/Winter

  Sunday  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday 
Badminton   8pm-11:30pm       
Basketball  noon-11:30pm 8pm-11:30pm  8pm-11:30pm 8pm-11:30pm  
Dodgeball       8pm-11:30pm 6pm-11pm (RAIL)
Ice Hockey  6pm-1am 9:30pm-1am  10pm-1am  9:30pm-1am  9:30pm-1am 
Arena Football -   Winter Only          
Multi Sport noon-8pm         
Pickleball     8pm-11:30pm    8pm-11:30pm 
Soccer    8pm-12am 8pm-12am  8pm-12am  8pm-12am 
Spikeball  3pm-6pm        
Squash      6pm-10:30pm     
Arena Ultimate Frisbee - Winter Only          
Volleyball noon-11pm