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Jun, 14: All Department of Athletics indoor facilities remain closed. Outdoor facilities are open for limited opportunities.
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Intramural Dodgeball

Registration is now closed for fall 2020. 

Visit our COVID-19 website ( for re-opening procedures and a road map of what and when you can expect through each Phase of re-opening. For the University of Guelph COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus closures, cancellations or other notices, visit



You can sign up a six-person Dodgeball team in the open league.

Follow these steps to sign up your Dodgeball team:

  Step One   Step Two    Step Three

COVID-19 Live Intramural Protocol

Please read the COVID-19 protocol for live Intramural leagues 

COVID-19 Protocols for live Intramural leagues:

Student, staff, faculty and community members’ health and safety is our top priority. We have a shared responsibility to observe all virus precautionary measures in our operations and everyday routines in order to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

The following general protocols will apply to all Intramural leagues played in-person at the Athletics Centre:

  • Daily attestation through our University of Guelph self-assessment tool.
  • Maintain physical distancing of two meters (six feet) at all times when using Athletics facilities and when on the field of play.
  • Face coverings need to be worn at all times when using Athletics facilities.
  • Face coverings may only be removed during physical activity but must be worn by players on the bench. - All league officials will wear face coverings at all times. - Greet people with a wave instead of a handshake or fist bump.
  • There will be no handshakes at the conclusion of games.
  • No spectating of leagues is permitted.
  • Teams are encouraged to show up on time for their games as hanging out before and after games will not be permitted.

We are committed to a return-to-train environment that focuses on personal fitness/wellness as well as socialization. This current phase does not currently include any return to competition elements. Therefore, all live Intramural leagues will be offered at an Open Fun league level with no playoff component. All games will be monitored by a league official, which means teams are self officiating games. League monitors will sanitize any shared equipment during the set-up and tear down process.

We have built-in a 30-minute buffer between games this season to allow for current teams to exit the field of play safety before the next cohort of teams arrives to play. Monitors will also sanitize any equipment that was used in the previous match before the next game begins.

As part of our continued contact tracing efforts, the following new protocols will be enforced:

  • All players must swipe their student ID at Client Services when they arrive in our facility.
  • No “Grace Passes” will be sold.
  • Players may use a valid government-issued ID to sign into games if a student ID is forgotten.
  • No “OK to Play” passes will be issued.
  • You must join your team's roster in IMLeagues 48 hours before your game otherwise you will not be permitted to play.
  • If a player’s name is not printed on a scorecard, that player may not play (no exceptions).
  • While maintaining physical distancing, players will show their photo ID or student ID to the league monitor who will check you into the game.
  • Captains/players will not be required to physically sign scorecards.

The league office can be reached at 519 824 4120 x56137 or at

We will be accepting a limited number of in-person appointments should we not be able to resolve an issue virtually.

Participants can book an appointment using the following link:

If the daily attestation through the self-assessment tool tells you to stay home or if you have a presumptive case of COVID-19 we ask that you follow these steps:

  • Self-isolate at home and avoid coming to the Athletics Centre.
  • If the presumptive case, gets tested (there will be a testing centre at Student Wellness).
  • If you have a confirmed case of Covid-19, please contact Jen O'Neill at

We look forward to continuing our Intramural Program this semester and feel confident in the protocols and procedures we have put in place to ensure the healthy and safety of all our participants. Have a fun season and best of luck in all your games. 

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