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What expectations are there for members of the club?

The only expectation we have is for everyone to enjoy their time with the club and learn about this incredible sport

Do I need any past experience playing the sport of water polo?

No past experience is required to join the club, as we have had many members with no experience, and many members with lots of experience.

Are there any try-outs to make the team?

There are no try-outs, as this is a club open to all university students, and members of the University Fitness Centre

What competitions does the team compete in?

A lot of our scrimmages will be in house, combined with the City of Guelph Water Polo Team, but we also set up exhibition games against the other universities, such as McMaster and U of T. We also look to travel to one or two tournaments every year, including a tournament in Ottawa at the beginning of the Winter semester.