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Quidditch Q&A

Quidditch Q&A

Quidditch? Is that the thing from Harry Potter?

Yes. The version Harry plays in the books and movies was adapted into a “Muggle” format in 2005 by students at Middlebury College. Since then, quidditch has become a phenomenon in its own right, played by over 300 teams in 20 different countries, with its own complex set of rules and strategies. You’ll love quidditch if you’re a Harry Potter fan, but you definitely don’t have to be!

But… you can’t fly.

True, but keeping a broom between your legs while you sprint, tackle, jump, and roll is just as much of a challenge

Do you play against other universities?

Yes! Our competitive teams take part in the official league season, during which we attend tournaments with anywhere from 3-16 teams. Teams from as far as B.C. vie for a spot in the Canada-wide rankings and ultimately face off at Regionals in winter and Nationals in early spring. A former member of our club has even played for Canada’s national quidditch team.

Who plays quidditch? How athletic do I need to be?

Quidditch is a full-contact, gender-integrated sport, meaning girls tackle guys, guys tackle girls, and everything in between. It is as physical and demanding as any contact sport, and yes, it requires a lot of running. The great thing is that players come from all kinds of athletic backgrounds – soccer, rugby, wrestling, rowing, figure skating… Everyone can put their unique skills to use on the quidditch pitch.

What if I don’t want to tackle or be tackled?

We also offer a non-contact recreational league for anyone who is unsure about the physical aspect of quidditch, or who would rather play just for fun. But don’t underestimate your abilities! People say quidditch brings out the geek in every athlete and the athlete in every geek.