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Ninjutsu Q&A

Ninjutsu Q&A

How much experience do you need to join the club?

None. When you join the club you learn all the basics of the art first, so no prior training is necessary. In fact, many of our students have never done any formal training before attending the class.

Is attendance mandatory?

While attendance is not enforced, skipping classes means that a student will not learn as fast or as much as they can. Classes during the week are therefore seen as a commitment when you join the club

If most students are not experienced, why does everyone wear a brown belt?

Ninjutsu has a different grading system then many martial arts. The belt colour does not change once a student passes a degree test but they receive a patch to sew onto their uniform. The degrees correspond to the five elements in Eastern philosophy, and the patch will show the symbol of the degree each student has achieved.

How much does it cost to join the club?

Club membership is $100 per semester. Full time students at the university have an athletics membership included in their tuition, and so would not need to purchase one. Students without an Athletics membership or non-students would need to purchase a base membership at the Athletics Centre before joining the club.