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Nerf Q&A

Nerf Q&A

How to I join the Nerf Club?

You can pay for your membership at the front desk of the Athletic centre or online and search "nerf" at this link. Tell them you want to join the club and pay for one semester or for the year. 

What do I need to bring to the meetings?

You need to supply yourself with a standard unmodified nerf gun, a pair of running shoes and protective eye wear. Any eye wear is allowed as long as they protect your eyes. Lab googles, ski googles, sunglasses, prescription glasses are all acceptable forms of eye wear.

What kind of Nerf guns do you allow?

We only allow unmodified, default nerf guns to be used during the meetings as there is no need for increased power and allows for everyone to participate and have fun. Painting the exterior of gun is acceptable if you are artsy like that.

Currently we are not allowing the use of the Nerf Rival series as there is a huge difference in power compared to the other series that fire foam bullets.


What happens if I don’t have a gun or eye protection?

Nerf does nightly rentals of Nerf guns for as low as $1 per meeting. You have access to Nerf Club’s weapons arsenal for the evening and can switch anytime you want to. We have a variety of spare eye protection if you ever forget your pair. Everything from sunglasses to official nerf eye wear!


Do you recommend other brands of dart guns outside of the Nerf brand?

Some members have bought other third party guns, which is fine. I don’t recommend Boom Co. guns as their bullets are smaller than the regular sized bullet Nerf uses

Is this just for U of G students or anyone and what is the age group?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in our weekly Nerf Nights! Just note that you will need to purchase both an Athletic Centre Membership and a Nerf Club membership to participate. Information on Athletic Centre membership prices can be found here.

Do you have a recommendation on a gun to purchase for someone who wants to get into Nerf?

Every year, Nerf comes out with new gun series and different models of guns. The recommended gun that easy to pick up and use is the Nerf N-Strike Disruptor. It is a front-loading 6-barrel pistol that's not going to put a dent in your wallet. There's no cover on the barrel so you can easily load the gun as you run around on the field. If you want more information, the amazon product page for the Disruptor can be found here.