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January 2023 Gryphon Greatness

Holly Mistelbacher is our January 2023 Gryphon Greatness winner!

Holly has been outstanding this entire year but she really stepped up once again this month when it was time to bring back Hockeyday in Gryphonville and the Frosty Mug. Hockeyday in Gryphonville came with some challenges that were out of our control, but Holly was able to assist when it got tough; including a 2-hour puck drop delay. She worked longer hours to ensure the event was as smooth as possible from beginning to end for players, fans, and alumni. At the Frosty Mug, she was the main point of contact for our presenting sponsors, Axiom Mortgage Solutions, and ensured that our opening ceremonies, activations, and trophy presentation were executed without a hitch. It was great to have the Frosty Mug back in full and the building had a tremendous amount of energy. The atmosphere was electric, and Holly was a big factor in the success of the event. 

Do you have someone you would like to recognize? Email Jen at with your submission.

Honourable mentions for the month of January goes to..

Diane Mezei and Cora Krumpek – These two staff members have demonstrated at the climbing wall what it means to be supportive emotionally and physically with the climbers. Through their positive words of encouragement and attitude, they have made the wall an enjoyable place for all climbers.  A specific case was when they were working together and performed a  successful transfer and support to a climber who became very nervous on the wall while top rope climbing and could not move due to the anxiety. Through their teamwork, communication with each other and the climber, rigging up a safe climbing transfer system, they were able to bring the climber down safely.  It didn’t stop there, as they stayed with the climber to calm them down and ensure that they felt better and still wanted to climb in the future. Because of this extra step, the climber continues to visit the climbing wall.  Well done!!

 Graeme Li and Thomas Matthias – These two climbing monitors demonstrated a high level of professionalism, attention to detail and a calm approach to an injury at the climbing wall. A climber was bouldering and when they came down, missed a hold or slipped, and fell down onto the mats but with their hands and arms out, causing significant pain and injury. Thomas and Graeme took full control of the situation and responded with FRT and paramedics to handle the situation.  The two of them debriefed with the safety officers on campus, and were professional and accurate on all details along with debriefing with Beth.  They assisted in cleaning up the site and checking the holds to ensure that the wall was safe before reopening.  Great job to the two of you for showcasing your calm nature in this situation and following all procedures.  The climber is alright. Through this swift reaction, they demonstrated to everyone at the climbing wall that the monitors are watching them and ready to act and help when required.  Great job and following procedures perfectly.


Tyler Jones. Tyler has excelled in just a short time since joining the team this Fall semester. We’ve identified he has what it takes to be our next Student Manager in the GGAC OPS unit and offered that role to him this past month. Alongside always being there to help out teammates, Tyler came in on an hours’ notice after class at 8:00pm on January 25th to assist with basketball monitor and teardown when one of the staff was unable to make it for their shift. Tyler’s willingness to help out for the betterment of the whole team is an inspiration and models Gryphon Greatness in so many ways.

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