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August 2022 Gryphon Greatness

Congratulations to Maria Priamo from Facilities for being named our Gryphon Greatness for August.

Amongst her day-to-day responsibilities as a Student Manager, Maria took on additional administrative responsibilities, such as organizing the donation of our lost and found items to Wyndham House and creating both the Fields & Fieldhouse August schedule for part-time staff.  Maria also stood in and met with external vendors to make sure that the sounds system at the stadium was working in advance of our exhibition football game on August 27.

Maria went out of her way to make sure that our guests had positive experiences by introducing herself and making sure she did everything she could to assist them with their requests.  She met with the Calgary Stampeders in the early morning hours when they arrived after their game in Toronto and made sure they were familiar with the layout and had access to all the amenities they needed at the stadium.  

Throughout August Maria was extremely flexible with her shifts and willingly adjusted her schedule to suit the rental schedule for the fields.

Have a Gryphon staff member you would like to nominate or celebrate? Email Jen at with your nomination.

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