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May 2022 Gryphon Greatness

For the month of May we are fortunate to be able to recognize two outstanding Gryphons. 

Kiana from the Fitness Centre - On May 1st, we started the day with a flood in the fitness centre.  Kiana, as the opener of the Fitness Centre, acted quickly to get the water turned off and she notified her managers and leads immediately.  She built barriers to protect the equipment and proceeded to clean up the water on her own till help arrived.  All while welcoming our members into the Fitness Centre so that service would not be disrupted.  It is due to Kiana's calm but speedy response, that the damage was not more severe than it was and that our fitness centre opened on time.  

Alexis from Client Services - Alexis worked hard to move bucket after bucket of water to contain the leak until the water fountain could be shut off.  She left herself soaked and exhausted moving buckets full of water to the bathroom to dump, just to go back and grab the next full bucket.  After the fountain was shut off, she worked to contain the leak that had made its way down to the men’s changeroom.  She worked to clean up the water all over the lockers as well as inside the lockers.  After spending her 8 hour shift doing all this, she came back and worked late into the evening to help out with locker cleanout.

Have a Gryphon staff member you would like to nominate or celebrate? Email Jen at with your nomination.

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