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Intramurals - What do I need to know?

REGISTRATION DATES:                 

  • Winter: Monday, Nov 29/2021 – Wednesday, Feb 2nd No refunds after Dec 1/2021; late fees will apply on Dec 2/2021

Last Chance Registration (FUN Leagues ONLY): 

  • Winter: Wednesday, Jan 12 - Friday, Feb 4/2022  No refunds after Jan 13/2022

Players can sign up for Intramurals as a team or free agent. Team registration means only ONE person (the designated captain) would follow the below steps. This one person would also be responsible for paying the refundable bond upon registration. Free Agents should only register themselves on ActiveNet and then will be placed on a team. Free Agents are charged a $12 fee that is not refundable, but are not responsible for the bond. The Intramural experience is highly subsidized by your Athletics fee included in your tuition and therefore is only available to Current UofG students.  

What sports do we offer?

The intramurals we are offering this year include Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Pickleball, Indoor & Outdoor Soccer, Badminton, Floor Hockey, Handball, Spikeball Dodgeball, 3-Pitch, Lobball, Squash, Innertube Waterpolo, Multi-Sport, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee. E-Sport tournaments will be starting right away in January!

We offer three levels of play:

COMPETITIVE LEAGUES: You're a skilled and knowledgeable player having experience at a rep or travel level.  You enjoy a competitive atmosphere and take the game seriously.   This level is geared towards the intermediate and advanced player.  This level includes a playoff format. 

  • Winter: Games will commence the week of Feb. 6/22

RECREATIONAL LEAGUES: You've played the sport before probably at the house league level.  You take the game seriously but aren't overly competitive. This level is geared towards the novice player.  This level includes a playoff format.    

  • Winter: Games will commence the week of Feb. 6/22  

FUN LEAGUES: You've never played the sport before or you're looking for a social experience.  You want to get out and meet people in a fun and athletic atmosphere.  This level is geared towards the beginner player.  This level does not include a playoff format.   

  • Winter: Games will commence the week of Jan. 31/2022

Eligibility Requirements:

  • MEN’S/WOMEN’S: A team roster contains players that self-identify solely as either male or female.
  • COED: A team roster contains a combination of players that self-identify as either male or female.  Each sport will have a specific minimum of either gender required in order to field a team. 
  • OPEN: Team rosters are open to anyone regardless of what gender they self identify with.

If you’re registering a team, you’ll need to identify a team captain.

The team captain is our main point of contact that the league office communicates with for any league-specific information.

If you’re registering as a free agent, we will place you on a team of fellow free agents.

Free Agents are individuals that have registered to a sport/division. We take all the Free Agents for all the different sports and divisions and create teams that are solely Free Agent players. Each Free agent team is denoted with an "x-" in front of their team name (i.e "X-Spain" or "X-Blue Jays").

Registering for Intramurals

 Step 1: Go to  

Team Captains: Login to connect (link above) using your UofG credentials and register for the intramurals of your choice. You will be asked to pay a refundable bond to secure your spot. Bonds may be taken away for forefits, unsportsmanlike behaviour or conduct on the court. Bonds are returned at the end of the semester.

Playing solo? You're a "Free Agent": Login to connect (link above) using your UofG credentials and register as a Free Agent for the intramural of your choice. You will be charged a non-refundable fee to pay, but no bond.

Step 2: Create an account & add your team members

Team Captains: Now it’s time to add your team to the league. Head to, create your account, find your league and add your team. Rosters will need to be submitted in full prior to your first game.

Free Agents: Head to, create your account, and we will be adding you to a team

Step 3: Use IMLeagues to see your game times and locations.

Scores will also be posted on IMLeagues following each game! We will also be using IM Leagues to send important messages.

Still want more information or clarification?

Come visit the Intramurals office on the second floor of GGAC. The office is located up the first set of red stairs, take the walkway in front of the climbing wall to the double doors. Head through the double doors and the office is your first one on the left.

Intramurals office hours during registration:

  • Monday, Jan 31st 12:30-8pm
  • Tuesday, Feb 1st 12:30-8pm
  • Wednesday, Feb 2nd 12:30-8pm
  • Thursday, Feb 3rd 12:30-6pm

The intramural office provides:

  • General inquires about registration, sport rules, stats, and scheduling
  • Rescheduling/cancellation requests
  • Feedback regarding officials, equipment, and facilities
  • Promotions
  • Graces passes/OK to play slips - during this time Grace Passes and OK to play slips will not be given out due to COVID-19 precautions. All players must be listed on the roster 48 hours before game start.
  • Referee applications

Questions? Contact Intramural Office at 519–824–4120 ext. 53763 or or for FAQ visit





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