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March Madness Mileage Challenge

  March Madness Mileage Challenge

Let's see how much you can move and how far you can go in the month of March.

This is how we broke down the numbers

10,000 steps/day is 8km

8km/day for the month of March (31 days) = 248 kms

The questions is... how close can you get to the 250 km goal for the month??!!


Step One:

Download our GryphFit App to join the challenge

 Apple Store here, Google Play here

Step Two:

Join the challenge on the "Challenge" icon in the app

Step Three:

Walk, run, jog, hike, dance, do a fitness class... the list goes on.  It's simple: MOVE OFTEN.  You choose how. There is a 20km/day max mileage.

Step Four

Win Prizes!


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