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January Virtual Fitness Challenge

January Virtual Fitness Class Challenge

Complete a number of our virtual fitness classes from Jan. 4th- 31st, 2021  

Use this challenge to keep you accountable to trying new classes and stepping outside of your comfort zone without having to leave your room! No equipment is required.

Step One:

Download our GryphFit App to join the challenge

 Apple Store here, Google Play here

Step Two:

Join the challenge on the "Challenge" icon in the app

Step Three:

Get Fit Virtually! Join the challenge and complete the "class of the week" that will be sent to you through push notifications on the app. You will use our On-Demand Fitness platform to complete all the classes in this challenge. You will be encouraged to complete the one and others throughout the month. The more classes you complete, the more chances you have to win!

On-Demand Fitness Platform

Step Four

Win Prizes!

Complete the "class of the week" every week (will be 4 in total) to be entered into a draw to win a New Year, Safe and Better You Personal Training Package.

Complete 2 classes per week to be entered to win a BOSU

Complete 3 classes per week to be entered to win a Gryphon At Home Workout Package (Stability Ball, Skipping Rope, Yoga Mat and Towel)

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