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January 2024 Gryphon Greatness

Congratulations to Liam Fischer for being our Gryphon Greatness winner for January 2024

Liam’s work through the month of January should be noted.  He continues to take on one of the hardest sports to run as a facilitator due to the size of the league and the requests that come in on a daily basis for team rosters and schedules.  He also had to implement a new Health & Safety rule around the mandatory use of neck guards for all intramural hockey players and has done so without issue.  Liam has shows great leadership in the office.  He is seen by his co-workers as someone they can go to for help with a schedule or problem solving a situation with their own sport, and Liam is quick to help when needed. 

Over the last year, Liam has worked on growing relationships with players on the ice and the staff he employs to improve Intramural Hockey.  He works with his staff to stop situations before they become bigger problems.  He is also currently working with me on opening up more spots in our women’s divisions to keep up with the growing demand and add more equity in the sport.

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