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December 2023 Gryphon Greatness

Congratulations to Katrin Turetskiy on being named our December 2023 Gryphon Greatness!

Kat was a complete rockstar for Client Services team this December. As December is a time where many are winding down for the holiday season, Kat was ready to ensure our building was still operating at full capacity. She worked and picked up a number of shifts in December as both Client Services Representative and Client Services Student Lead to help ensure our building was open and operating to its fullest capacity for our customers. She consistently demonstrates her commitment to maintaining the integrity of our spaces, bettering the experience of our customers through her interactions and ability to navigate challenges that arise to help assist customers. She is always accountable not only for our customers and their experiences, but also accountable to the Client Services team to help support them while on shift as someone they can always depend on. It is also noted from a number of customers that they always feel welcome as a result of Kat's ability to be present and approachable when they come to use our spaces.

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