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30min October Challenge

Complete 30 mins of physical activity per day from October 1st-30th. 2020.  

The goal is to get outside for a regular walk or run, attend a virtual or in-person fitness class, lift weights or have a dance party! Just 30 mins of physical activity each day that makes your heart beat just a little bit faster.

Step One:

Download our GryphFit App to join the challenge

 Apple Store here, Google Play here

Step Two:

Join the challenge on the "Challenge" icon in the app

Step Three:

Get Moving! We will send you reminders and tips throughout the challenge to keep you motivated! Remember it's the little things like taking the stairs or parking in the back of the lot that will be the key to your success and in helping you create daily habits.

Step Four

Win Prizes from Matrix! 


Let's get going!

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