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Fit and Rec Customer Satisfaction Survey

Hello Members!

Thank you for your ongoing feedback and support in responding to our semesterly customer satisfaction survey. We appreciate all of your comments and responses as we read each comment and suggestion. We value your feedback and see it as an important part of our business. Your feedback allowed us to make impactful changes and we hope you’ve found them beneficial.

We have implemented the following because of your feedback:

  • Women's only fitness centre hours and Raise the Bar female strength program in the GPC.
  • Universal changeroom features on digital signs and Instagram
  • Additional mat areas in the Fitness Centre
  • Additional training for our part-time staff
  • Additional 30 min express classes
  • Earlier morning fitness classes
  • Clear definitions on rec programming as example defining rec vs. lane swim
  • Hooks on some shower stalls in women's changeroom to pull curtain across with no gaps
  • Hack squat has been ordered for the Fitness centre
  • Shortened class length for youth dance classes
  • Added dedicated shooting time in Mitchell gym (where no games are allowed)

 We have heard from many of you and will continue to focus on these areas for improvement:

  • Capacity indicators for fitness centre
  • Improved way finding for our building
  • Better notification on website for cancelled NRG classes

Our athletics and recreation facilities and programs bring our campus community together. They are a vibrant and active space on campus that serves many students, community and staff/faculty. We work hard to serve the diverse needs of everyone but will have limitations sometimes on what we can provide. Thank you for taking the time to speak up and we appreciate your patience while we work to improve.


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