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Gryphon Soccer Complex Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations for GRYPHON SOCCER COMPLEX Facility Use, violation of any of the below listed Rules & Regulations may result in loss of facility access privileges and/or immediate removal from facility.

  1. DO NOT climb Fence to gain access. Severe Injury may result.
  2. NO ANIMALS are allowed. All animals must remain outside of the facility.
  3. Plastic Water Bottles containing WATER ONLY are allowed inside of the facility. Absolutely NO glass containers.
  4. NO FOOD products are allowed inside of the Fenced area or on the turf; including GUM, and all SEED or NUT products.
  5. Clean athletic footwear with non-marking soles must be worn on all surfaces. PLASTIC/RUBBER MOULDED CLEATS ONLY. Absolutely NO metal cleats or spikes are allowed on the field.
  6. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL or TOBACCO products are allowed. U of G is proud to be a tobacco- and smoke-free environment. Smoking, vaping and the use of smokeless tobacco is not permitted on campus.
  7. Bicycles, Skateboards or Motorized vehicles are NOT allowed inside of the Fenced area.
  8. Fireworks or other Explosive devices are NOT permitted.
  9. NO LOITERING, please be respectful of others who will be accessing the facility immediately upon your rental completion.
  10. Do not hang off of or do "pull ups" on the sun shade structure over the player benches.
  11. The portable ATCO Trailer near the fields is available as a Change Space for users. This space is not locked during the day, DO NOT leave any valuables in the temporary trailer. The University of Guelph is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.
  12. Programming space is to be shared appropriately with all participants.
  13. Athletic clothing appropriate to the activity must be worn.
  14. Inappropriate behaviour such as swearing, physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated and may result in loss of facility access privileges and/or immediate removal from facility.
  15. Persons 15 years of age and under must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  16. The permitted Facility will be inspected periodically throughout all rentals by an Athletics staff representative.
  17. Use of scoreboard and timing systems must be arranged at time of rental booking in order to ensure use for your event or rental.