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E-sports Leagues & Tournaments

For full league/tournament rules and structure please visit

Follow these steps to sign up your E-sports team:

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Matches will be assigned a day, but not a time.  It's up to the players to connect and make sure their match is played within the allotted day, otherwise forfeits will be assigned to players that don't show up for their match.  Players must connect with their opponent in console by first adding them as a friend.  Therefore, we are asking players to use them in console gamertag as their team name so opponents can easily search for them.  Create your game through the online versus mode and by adding your opponent as a friend.   

Game Titles Offered: 
  • Rocket League (cross-platform).
  • Virtual Chess (using free app)


• Matches are randomly assigned so predetermined player rating has no effect
• Players go to play a friend and can search for their opponent through there
• Premium version of is not required so it is free to participate
• Double elimination bracket
• Players play 1 game with 15-minute timers, no time added

Rocket League

• Each game is best of three 2v2 format online.
• Players must add each other as friends and initiate an online versus game.
• Screenshots of the final score to be sent into IMLeagues from both teams.
• Players are to use their gamertag as the name of their team.

For both tournaments, players will have a 48 hour time period to play their match. They will be single elimination brackets with randomly assigned seeds. Results of their match will then be submitted to

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