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Fencing Club



The University of Guelph Fencing Club is a competitive for both new and experienced fencers. We train all three Olympic fencing weapons - foil, Épée, and sabre - and compete for UoG in tournaments against other universities across Ontario

Our Executive Team 

President: Alex Thomson

Vice President: Bryn Hafer

Treasurer: Bryn Hafer

Safety officer: Alex Thomson



$150 for the whole season.

*All club memberships require a prerequisite base athletics membership.  Currently enrolled, on-campus students already have this prerequisite membership during the Fall and Winter semesters.  For all other community participants and students attending classes in the summer months, a monthly base membership is required for purchase before enrolling into a club*  

Practice time

Practices: Beginning September 13

Monday: Athletic Centre Room 173 7pm - 10pm

Thursdays: Athletic Centre Room 173 8pm - 10pm

Social media/contact


Instagram: @gryphonsfencing


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