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East Ring Rd Construction

Starting Fri. May 26/17, construction will be moving from the north end of East Ring Road to the south end of East Ring Road between Arboretum Road and South Ring Road.  For the most part, East Ring Road will remain open to local traffic, however, there will be periods of time when the road will need to be closed - expect delays.  A temporary driveway connecting South Ring Road and P11 will be constructed on Thur. May 25/17 to provide access to P10, P11, P12 and Powerhouse Lane.  The pedestrian crosswalk at Arboretum Road will remain open for this phase of the project.  Click here to view East Ring Road Construction Map for further details.

The following vehicular access routes are recommended during this construction phase:
    P14, P15, Sports Fields,  Alumni House, Child Care Center, Arboretum Road and East Residence - access from the north via College Avenue.
    P10, P11, P12, Powerhouse Lane, Gryphon Center and Powell Building - access from the south via temporary driveway into P11 from South Ring Road.