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September Gryphon Greatness - Fields - Facility Team

Gryphon Football Field

 Fields – Facility Team

Our facilities unit out in the Fields worked tirelessly through September preparing for a numerous amount of events that popped up, not the least of which is Homecoming that always takes so much energy to put on an event that hides all the behind the scenes work so that the students and community can come out and enjoy the event itself. An event that has grown bigger and bigger, bigger still as we opened up a brand new facility that week in the Football Pavilion and all the work by the team that went in to helping set and stage that facility so that it showed off it’s best self. To single out some of our senior staff that were there into the wee hours of the morning; Evan Hosker & Jacob Harwood knew what was needed to get all the finer details accomplished before such a big day.