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Gryphon Greatness - Activity Camp Directors

Gryphon Greatness Activity Camp Directors

June 2018 - Gryphon Activity Camp Directors

Quinn, Julia, Declan and Sarah are all new to being part of the GAC Director Team this year, but through their work ethic and creativity, you would not think this is the case. The team has worked extremely hard on creating new activities, schedules and ideas that will take GAC to a new standard this summer. They have worked endlessly on contacting new guest speakers, and researching new crafts and games. The team went out of their way to promote camp by volunteering at the Argo Game, and Summerfest, and was also instrumental in the success of the inaugural Camp Open House as they made all parents and campers feel welcomed and excited for camp. Lastly as the team had planned an exciting bonding trip for the staff team, the weather changed and the team had to create a new exciting excursion including sleeping over in the Athletics Centre. GAC is headed into a new and exciting direction this summer due to the drive, passion, hard work and leadership of Quinn, Declan, Julia, and Sarah.