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Gryphon Greatness - Emily Zakrajsek

Gryphon Greatness Emily Zakrajsek

Emily Zakrajsek – Fitness Classes

Emily has many attributes that make her an excellent addition to our team.  She is extremely passionate about people and exudes an energy that is second to none.  She is more than willing to go above and beyond everyday to promote recreation and physical activity both on and off campus.   Emily never hesitates to volunteer her time to teach (outside of her regular classes) for students – stressbusters during exams to classes for O week and she does this all on top of her educational commitments as a 4th year graduating student from OVC.   I am constantly impressed with Emily’s work ethic, sheer will and determination.  It is phenomenal that Emily can seem to fit everything in while maintaining a high quality of work. She excels in everything she does. 
Emily has had personal health struggles in her life that have been the foundation for her passion and helping others.   These struggles have not defined her or held her back in anyway but taught her about perseverance and resiliency and made her who she is – a compassionate and caring individual that wants to help others that struggle as well.  Her story, and her willingness to share it, is brave and inspiring.  It has not only inspired me, but many of our members as well.   Her personable nature and ability to have fun with people make her passion for activity contagious.  For these reasons, Emily has excellent participant retention rates in her classes and our clients have reported high levels of satisfaction in all classes with her. 
She is mature, dedicated, competent, organized, and never hesitates to take the initiative to complete tasks that need to be done.  We are lucky to have her as part of our team!