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Gryphon Greatness - Arlene Campbell

Gryphon Greatness Arlene Campbell

Arlene Campbell – Aquatics

Arlene was a rock star at the pool over the month of February. This hardworking and soon-to-be graduating 4th year student and current Head Lifeguard at the pool was faced with a very busy time this month, juggling a thesis while still completing her duties at the pool as well as in her supervisor position at SHAC
(on-campus student advocacy). Over reading week, she was the only one of 3 Head Guards that was around and able to actively guard, and even though she was swarmed with all of her commitments and obligations, she still managed to pick up a massive amount of hours that week. She worked many full days at the pool, picking up shifts when we didn’t have any guards in town, and she still managed to keep up at her other job and with all of her thesis work. She maintained constant communication with her supervisor, Beth, and was a key player in making sure that the pool ran smoothly over reading week and every other week in February. She’s very organized and driven to complete all tasks that she’s assigned in a timely manner, along with monitoring our staff and the facility’s schedule regularly.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work this month Arlene! You’re an absolute super hero and your exceptional efforts this month have not gone unnoticed.