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Gryphon Greatness - April

Gryphon Greatness Snow Storm Team

April – Snow Storm Team

Just when we thought we were heading in to Spring, a crazy snow storm hits, on what would be the last day of exams. Mid-day on Saturday, April 14th, the University decided to close due to the weather. This left our amazing staff to inform customers, post notices, keep the facility as clear and accessible as possible, close and secure our facilities.


Thank you to our staff who had a hand in assisting over the weekend from closure to re-opening on Monday morning.

AC -Chris Harding, Brandon Merrick

CS - Melissa Ziolkowski, Emily Deckert, Madeline Caswell, David Wall, Julia Kokonis

Aquatics – Stephen Bak, Ty Fischer, Kara Hatton, Christine Trinh

Fitness Centre - Marisa Figura (co-op), Sebastien Turini

Birthday Hosts - Luke Hills, Aubrianna Bilyea

Field House – Maddie Watson

Arena - Jesse Klok, Patrick Nyman, Ryan Fraser