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Department of Athletics COVID-19 Protocols and Updates

Masking requirements until July 1st at the University of Guelph

Masks will continue to be required indoors in all U of G managed facilities until July 1, 2022.  This includes the Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre, Gryphon Field House, Gryphon Centre Arena, and the Football Pavilion. 

In our facilities this means that face masks must be worn:

  • while in the Changerooms & Dressing Rooms
  • while entering and exiting the Fitness Centre
  • while in an NRG Class up until the music starts and replaced upon leaving
  • while on the bench when participating in a sport   
  • while in the Indoor Climbing Wall including on-wall & during physical exercise   
  • while participating in Rec Swims on the pool deck and while exiting the pool area
  • while in the Arena up until users step onto the ice surface and then placed back on when stepping off the ice surface
  • Masks may only be removed when physical activity starts or you arrive at your activity location and must be put back on as soon as the activity ends or when you are exiting your activity location

If you have finished 5 days of isolation and are returning to physical activity you must continue to wear a well-fitted medical mask in public for an additional 5 days after leaving isolation.  If you are working out in the gym, playing team sports or participating in recreation or classes, continue to wear a medical mask for an additional 5 days to avoid transmitting COVID-19 to others.

All members and visitors are expected to arrive on campus prepared with their own mask.  Facility points of entry may not be able to provide you with a mask.  Masks can be purchased at the campus bookstore or at Gryph’s Locker.  Bandanas, buffs, and scarves are not acceptable.

As of July 1st, the University of Guelph will pause its mask requirement, with masks no longer required indoors or outdoors at U of G facilities, including the Gryphons Athletics Centre. This decision aligns U of G's approach to masking with the public health approach used in other learning spaces (e.g., high schools and elementary schools) and work/public venues (e.g., theatres, malls). The University may reinstate its masking requirement at any time and with little notice.

With the lifting of this requirement, the need for self-monitoring becomes even more important. Remember, if you're sick, stay home! 

Important Reminders to all Permit Holders:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all participants on your permit are aware of the facility protocols and requirements. This includes ‘visiting’ teams for team sports. We are happy to help you with communication with these groups.
  • All permit holders must also continue with the current contact tracing protocols as part of their permit.
  • A reminder to arrive no earlier and leave no later than the times outlined as part of your facility permit agreement. 

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding during these challenging and ever-changing times. We take the health and safety measures of all our users seriously and the COVID-19 vaccine plays an important role in helping protect our community and bringing the pandemic to an end. Thank you for keeping our community safe.


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