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Athletics Feedback Forum

Athletics Feedback Forum

Will there be additional mirrors in the new Fitness Centre?

We will be adding additional mirrors in a few other areas of the fitness centre based on the trends we have seen, as well as looking at portable mirrors that may open up alternate locations.

When will the wi-fi and tv be set up for use?

Wifi is available throughout the open areas of the new building now.  

TV on the overhead screens is working now and TV on the individual cardio machines will be coming online in January.  We will be adding additional TV channels in January as well.

Will there be more outlets added to the Women's Changeroom?

Our plan is to add additional power outlets in the Women's Changeroom to accommodate hair dryers, straighteners, etc.

When will the entrance to the new Building be done?

Construction is moving along with the entrance to the New GGAC and will be complete by early March.

Is the New Event Centre opening soon?

The New Event Centre will be open and operational this January.

Will there be wall-mounted hair dryers in the New Changerooms?

Due to safety reasons, wall-mounted hand dryers (mounted high) will not be installed in the new Changeroom, but we are looking into adding portable hair dryers in the future.

Will there be a weigh scale added to the Women's Changeroom?

A weigh scale has been added to the Women's Changeroom.

Will the multipurpose rooms in the new building also be free to use like the ones in the old building?

There are three rooms in the combined old and new sections of the Athletics Centre that are available for drop in if they are not booked.  Those rooms are room AC300 and AC302 in the W.F. Mitchell Centre and Studio 3202 in the new GGAC.  If you are interested in using the other studios, you should contact our facility booking office (contact information available under About Us section).  They would be happy to discuss with you what rates may be charged depending on the activity you are looking to do.

How do you get to your fitness classes once inside?

NRG Fitness Classes that take place in the new section of the Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre are located on the 3rd floor.  To get to the 3rd floor, take the stair case at the end of the new changeroom hall.  From there follow the arrows to the 3rd floor.

Will there be shampoo and soap dispensers added to the showers?

Unfortunately we do not have any current plans to add shampoo and soap dispensers in the showers in the changerooms.

Can you print a full month swim schedule?

Unfortunately there is not a printable monthly Swim schedule.  Reason being, that our Rec Swim (all Recreation) hours are posted for the current week only (updated every Tuesday afternoon).  This ensures you are provided an up-to-date schedule.  But you do have the option to view a weekly calendar by going to the Sports & Clubs heading then click on "Recreation Calendar" heading.  This weekly calendar can be filtered by type of Recreation, by morning, afternoon, evening, or ALL day (by default it will filter to include ALL types of recreation and to the current week and time of day). 

Will the steam room in the men's locker room be fixed? When it is on it feels very cold and there's a draft coming from under the door.

There have been additional components to the door installed now which should keep the heat in and the cold out to solve this problem!

Can towels be returned to a closer area than now, or in the change rooms?

Once our new main entrance opens, the towel return desk will be right around the corner from the changeroom hallway.  A much shorter walk to return your towel!  The new entrance will be opening this Spring.

Do you offer a Women's Only Swim?

We are currently unable to offer a Women's Only Swim due to the construction of the new entrance.  Completion of the new entrance is planned for this Spring, at which time there will be access to a private entrance to the pool, therefore the Women's Only Swim will be added back into the Drop-in Rec Schedule. | "Drop-in Rec & NRG Classes Happening Today".

Is there no more 3 pm length swimming?

Monday - Friday 3-4pm Swims do not run during Spring & Summer Semesters.  Please join us @ 7am, 11am or 7pm.

Is archery part of ur sport programs

Unfortunately we do not offer Archery.

Can u of g students open and teach a dance class in the athletic centre?

Conducting or soliciting for any form of business within the facility (i.e. private lessons, personal training, sales) is strictly prohibited.

How often do you clean the pools (specifically the red pool)? This morning (July 27/17) there were 4 bandaids in the pool, not to mention there was more than 10 used bandaids scattered on the pool deck. This is very unsanitary, unhygienic, and unsatisfactory. What can be done to make sure your pool facilities are clean?

We do have the University Housekeeping staff in overnight to clean our facility. As well, during the day, the lifeguard staff do make every effort to walk around the deck in between their shifts to pick up garbage where they can. Your concerns have been passed on and we hope this was a singular instance.