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Apr, 01: Effective April 3rd at 12:01am all Department of Athletics facilities will be closed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the "Wish List" function in CONNECT?

In CONNECT, the Wish list function allows you to 'bookmark' certain activities specifically of interest to you prior to when registration is open.
*Please ensure you are Signed in to CONNECT to use this tool for quick and easy access & do not mistake this function as a registration. You must Sign-in once registration is open to complete your transaction.

Is the Department of Athletics Open due to COVID-19?

As of February 16th, 2021 - The University of Guelph, Department of Athletics is ready to safely welcome you back into our facilities as the region of Guelph-Wellington-Dufferin moves to the strengthened measures of Red - Control.  For the protection of public health, please continue your attention towards our guidelines and amenity restrictions within our facilities and programs.  Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.  For full details, visit What's New.  
Visit for Gryphon internal protocols & opening procedures. 
Visit for all University of Guelph COVID-19 information   

If Guelph moves into strengthened measures of 'Yellow - Protect' how does this affect me?

If Guelph moves into strengthened measures of 'Orange - Restrict' how does this affect me?

If Guelph moves into strengthened measures of 'Red - Control' how does this affect me?

Where do I find Drop-in Rec

To view Recreation (formerly Drop-in Rec), go to, then click Fitness & Recreation. On the Fitness & Recreation home page, you will see "Drop-in Rec Happening Today" red banner (see image below). You can narrow your search by using the Calendar Filter - can choose a date, can choose type by selecting from the drop down menu: e.g. Swimming, then click 'Filter' button. Drop-in Recreation is posted for the current week only (updated every Tuesday afternoon).

You can also view a monthly calendar by going to Sports & Clubs, then click on the Recreation Calendar heading
The calendar can be filtered by type of Recreation, by morning, afternoon, evening, or ALL day (by default it will filter to include ALL types of recreation and to the current week and time of day). Specific Sport Recreation details listed below calendar. View Daily Access Pass details on the Membership page.

Drop in rec screen shot image

What are the Facility Guidelines?

At this time, access to the Athletics Centre & services are ONLY available to current U of G Students & Athletics Members. Therefore, Daily Access Passes are not available. It is mandatory to reserve all time slots/workout blocks in advance prior to accessing the Fitness Centre, NRG Group Fitness Classes and Recreation Activities.

GGAC COVID-19 Reservation Policies:

  • Everyone is required to complete the U of G COVID-19 Screening Form prior to every visit >
  • Time slots/workout blocks can be reserved as early as 7 days in advance
  • Time slots/workout blocks will be available to reserve up until the desired start time
  • Clients are expected to cancel reservations on their own and can do so without penalty up to 1 hour prior to the reserved time
  • Everyone must check-in at Client Services upon arrival
  • Clients who make a reservation and continuously do not show will have their membership temporarily suspended
  • Non-members will be denied access to reserved time slots/workout blocks
  • Limit of 1 time slot/class per day. If space permits, clients may request to book a consecutive workout block by checking with staff at that time

Athletics is committed to providing a safe, inviting recreation experience for the University of Guelph community.  There is no access to Guelph Gryphon Athletics Facilities and/or Programs without a membership, paid registration fee, day pass, event ticket or rental permit. Please see Client Services for more information.

Please assist us by adhering to the following guidelines (below are standard guidelines outside of COVID-19 Re-opening Phases).

  1. All users must enter via the front entrance. University of Guelph students and Members are required to swipe in with their Student/Membership card.  Fitness Centre users will be required to swipe again at the Fitness Centre Desk (wrist bands no longer in effect).
  2. Child & Youth Memberships can only be purchased if their parent/guardian has also purchased a Membership & accompanies them at all times in the building.
  3. Fitness Centre/NRG Classes - Individuals 11-15yrs of age must purchase the Monthly Youth NRG Pass in order to attend NRG Classes & access the Fitness Centre and complete a mandatory orientation session that includes both the parent/guardian and the youth.  The Daily Access Pass for Youth does not include access to the Fitness Centre.  
  4. Drop-in Rec Activities - Individuals 15yrs or younger participating in Drop-in Rec activities must be accompanied by a paying parent/guardian at all times.
  5. Athletic clothing appropriate to the activity must be worn.
  6. Clean athletic footwear with non-marking soles must be worn on all surfaces.
  7. Programming space is to be shared appropriately with all participants.
  8. Food or glass bottles are not permitted in the gymnasiums or program rooms.
  9. Bicycles are not to be brought inside University buildings and stored in corridors, stairwells, or personal offices as tires track in dirt and the fabric of the structures inevitably gets damaged (scratched or punctured walls, oil and grease on floors and carpets etc.). Outside bicycle racks are provided. Unobstructed egress from University buildings is essential for safe emergency evacuations.
  10. Inappropriate behavior such as swearing, physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated and may result in loss of building access privileges and/or immediate removal from facility.
  11. All programming ends 30-60 minutes prior to the building closing.  All equipment must be returned at this time. 
  12. Change rooms will be inspected by a Client Services Representative upon building closure.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in removal from facility and/or loss of access privileges.

How can I use the Hydro Massage Lounger?

Hydro Massage Lounger is not available 


When is the pool open?

We have several recreation swims each day for users. Visit the Recreation page for details.

What is the size of the pools?

Gold Pool – 25 metre lap pool
Red Pool - 25 yard Recreation pool with diving board
Hot Tub – Located on Gold Pool deck.


Yes. There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, or water playgrounds. Additionally, proper operation of these aquatic venues and disinfection of the water (with chlorine or bromine) should inactivate the virus.  

Recreational Swim Information

For a Visual Explanation of Pool Admission Standards Click here

* All recreation swim participants must enter the facility through the front doors of the Athletics Centre.
* Children 7 years of age or older are required to use the change room designated for their gender. Universal/Non-Gender change rooms available for families and individuals looking for a non-gender specific space.
* Please refrain from entering the pools and remain in the change room area until a lifeguard is on duty.
* Street shoes are not permitted on the deck
* Children 15 years of age and under are not permitted in the Steam Room or Hot Tub unless accompanied by an adult.

Does my child need a guardian during Recreational Swims?

For a Visual Explanation of Pool Admission Standards Click here

* Children 5 years of age and under must be directly supervised (within arm’s reach), regardless of swimming ability, by a guardian 16 years of age or older. Maximum of 2 children per guardian.
* Children 6-9 years of age, who cannot swim 2 uninterrupted widths of the Red Pool, must be supervised by a guardian 16 years of age or older. Guardian must be present at the time of the swim test. Maximum of 4 children per guardian.
* The ratio of guardians to swimmers 6-9 years of age, who cannot complete the facility swim test, may be increased to a maximum of 8 bathers to one guardian if approved personal flotation devices are worn by all non-swimmers in their care.
* Those with serious medical conditions should be accompanied by an individual knowledgeable of their condition and responsible for their direct supervision.

Am I able to withdraw and receive a refund?

Fall 2020 Withdrawals/Refunds for registered Fitness & Recreation Activities (other than Certifications) can be made anytime by visiting Client Services or calling 519-824-4120 Ext. 56253. Refund amounts will be prorated for the classes that have already taken place and the $10 Withdrawal Fee will be waived for requests made due to illness or COVID-19 concerns. If you suspect you have been infected with COVID-19 please notify Public Health for contact tracing and environmental cleaning/disinfection purposes. Refunds placed back onto accounts will remain there for 365 days.

*Refunds for Certification courses must be requested no later than 3 business days prior to the start date by visiting Client Services or calling 519-824-4120 Ext. 56253. The $10 Withdrawal Fee will be waived for requests made due to illness or COVID-19 concerns. No refunds after this date.

*Refunds for NRG Passes & Personal Training Sessions can be requested at Client Services but must be done so no later than 10 days from the time of purchase to receive a full refund. After the 10-day cooling off period, requests can be made by contacting the Fitness Supervisor and will be approved on a case by case basis. You will be required to provide documentation.

We reserve the right to cancel any activity that does not have sufficient registration. In this case, participants will receive a full refund and notification prior to the start of the activity. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact information (phone, email, mailing address) is current.

If the Department of Athletics is required to close due to changing circumstances:  Individuals will be contacted and automatically withdrawn from Fitness & Recreation Activities. Refunds will be prorated for classes that have already taken place and the credit will be placed back to the original payment method. For original payments made by cash or debit, refunds will be placed onto accounts and once the facility can safely re-open to the public, individuals will be able to contact Client Services in order to process the refund from their account.  NRG Pass Members will be contacted and will receive a coupon for the pro-rated value of the membership. This coupon code can be used for the following memberships: Student NRG Pass, Student NRG Plus, NRG Plus upgrade, Student Towel Membership, and Locker Rentals. Each code is only good for a one-time use, does not expire, and can be used when registering online or in person (lockers must be done in person). When registering online, simply look for the 'Enter coupon code' box during registration. It will typically be on the 'Membership Detail' page during the registration process under 'fees/discounts'.

Can I purchase goggles or swim caps?

Goggles and swim caps are available for purchase at Gryph's Locker.

What’s the difference between the NRG Pass and the NRG PLUS Pass?

NRG Pass includes access to the Fitness Centre & NRG Classes.
NRG PLUS Pass is NOT available for Fall 2020.
What does Preferred Access mean?  NRG PLUS users will enter regular NRG classes first and spots will be reserved even for classes that have a limited number of participants (TRX®/cycle). *Reserved spots will be held until class start time, then spots will open to ALL NRG Pass users. 
Whether you purchase your pass online or in-person, you must pick up your NRG Pass sticker at Client Services as you will be required to show this sticker prior to accessing classes.  

What does my Athletics Base Membership include?

The Base Membership includes access to the facilities for Drop-in Recreation.  To access the Fitness Centre & NRG Classes, you must purchase the NRG Pass (additional fee applicable).   Visit Membership page for details.  
** All registered full and part-time undergraduate students and full-time graduate students have paid their Athletics Base Membership within their academic registration fees.
You also have the option to register and pay the applicable fees for Personal Training Sessions, Nutrition Services and registered programming such as Group Personal Training and Skill Development Activities (such as Aquatics, Aquatic & Safety Certifications, Fitness & Yoga Certifications, Dance, Martial Arts, Sports & Excursion programs), Intramurals & Clubs.
The Base Membership is not a pre-requisite for Certification Courses, the Aquamovability Program or Kids Programming.  

As a student, can I opt out of my fees associated with the Department of Athletics?

You cannot opt out of Athletics and Recreation fees. These fees support services that the Government of Ontario has deemed essential for the health and safety of the campus and those services that provide academic support to students.

All registered full and part-time undergraduate students and full-time graduate students have paid their Athletics Base Membership within their academic registration fees. The Base Membership includes access to the facilities for Drop-in Recreation & gets you in to all regular season varsity games. Get access to the Fitness Centre & NRG Classes by purchasing the NRG Pass (additional fee applicable). Visit Membership page for details

What happens in the event the University closes due to inclement weather?

Bad Weather Ahead?  Be prepared and sign up for U of G Alert to receive alerts by email, phone or text message from our Emergency Notification System.

Click here to find info on University of Guelph Closures

When the University of Guelph is closed during inclement weather, the Department of Athletics will be closed and all programming will be cancelled. As with academic programming, Athletics programming cancelled due to such a closure is not re-scheduled or credited. To check if the University is closed during inclement weather, visit or call 519-824-4120 and listen to the general update or sign up for the U of G Alert.

Email Us a Question

How do I link directly to CONNECT

To link directly to CONNECT and login into your account, go to Useful Links on the bottom of the Fitness & Recreation home page. Go directly to Connect to login.

How do I get wifi?

Users must first sync their Central Login Password by using the password change tool, and can then use the JoinNow tool to configure the wireless network for their devices. Visit Computing & Communication Services for more details,

Where do I find Membership Fees?


For the protection of all guests, the use of photographic equipment such as cameras and video equipment is prohibited in change rooms, washrooms, and program areas. This includes cell phones and iPods with photographic capabilities.

Can I rent the Pool or Arena?

A limited number of hours are available for pool and ice rentals.
Contact the Facilities Office: or 519-824-4120 ext. 53790.

What should my child wear for the Kids Learn to Skate course?

Please ensure your child wears warm clothing and approved skates and a skate or multi-purpose helmet are mandatory. Skates should fit well & be properly tied. Clothing should allow for movement and also provide some protection from falls.

What is the child/instructor ratio for the Kids Learn to Skate course?

1:9 ratio for the highest skill level. As the skill level decreases, the ratio gets smaller.

Why do the fees vary for Swim Lessons?

Fees vary depending on the length of the class, number of classes, and instructor/child ratios.

Can I conduct personal business?

Conducting or soliciting for any form of business within the facility (i.e. private lessons, personal training, and sales) is strictly prohibited.

Which lane should I swim in?

Centre lanes are for faster, continuous swimming.
*Please circle swim unless agreed upon with lane-mates to swim side by side. Slower, lap swimming on each side of fast lanes. Outer lanes for slow/beginner swimmers, and water workouts.

New to Connect & need some help?

What happens if I lose my membership card?

$10 fee will be applied for anyone requiring a new membership card.

Will I receive a confirmation/receipt?

Please ensure you print your confirmation/receipt once you’ve completed your online registration and keep for your records and income tax purposes.  Read all Activity and Membership confirmations!  Confirmations contain important information regarding Activity dates, proper attire, required equipment, and date cancellations due to holidays or special events.  

What if the class I’m interested in is full?

It is strongly recommended to register for all activities you are interested in, even those that are full. Your name will be added to a waiting list and if a space becomes available you will be contacted by email to confirm your registration.  Waiting lists are carefully monitored and activities are often added if there is sufficient demand.

Can I transfer into something else?

Space permitting, you can transfer into another activity.  Transfers can be requested at Client Services. *Transfers are now available online up to 7 days prior to start date.

What happens if my class is missed or cancelled

Discounts, refunds, or make up classes will not be issued for missed classes. If a Fitness/Wellness or Skill Development Activity class is cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance such as instructor illness, the class will be re-scheduled if possible. If this is not possible, participants will be credited for the cancelled class.
We reserve the right to cancel any activity that does not have sufficient registration. In this case, participants will receive a full refund and notification prior to the start of the activity. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact information (phone, email, mailing address) is current.

Do fees include taxes?

Fees include 13% tax.  Taxes are not applicable to Kids programming.

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